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Amaurosis fugax


No, it’s not the name of one of the pulled up weeds that you partly see piled high in two wheelbarrows and one bucket….

On April 22 at 06:00 hrs I woke up blind in my left eye and the eyesight in my right eye was not too swift. I immediately called the EMS and while waiting I gave myself a stroke test which came out negative but just the same I took a good dose of aspirin not waiting for a clot buster. At approximately 10:00 after having a head CT scan my eyesight completely returned in the left eye. I am not going to go through the list of tests done to rule out the cause of this but the results were all negative. It was finally determined by all the specialists that this temporary blindness called Amaurosis fugax was an adverse reaction to the covid19 vaccine I had taken. This incident was duly recorded and reported.
Now this brings me to the right eye. While blind in the left eye I noted that my vision was very blurry in the unaffected right eye. The ophthalmologist informed me that I had cataracts in both eyes the right being worse. So May, June and July were spent removing the cataracts and recovering from such surgery which meant not straining and no bending down of my head. This meant no gardening for three months! My whole garden went to pot and became completely overgrown the aggressive weed that goes by the name of Smartweed. It is called that not because of any intellectual capacities it has, rather if eaten it will give a burning sensation to the tongue to make it smart(hurt). Now into August I have started to salvage my garden by pulling these weeds out and here you see them in the wheelbarrows. I have accepted the fact that my garden has become a neglected disaster this year but happily I will be able to clearly see next years garden, both mine and yours my GOY friends:)

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I'm sorry you had this trouble, it must have been frightening for you. I'm pleased to know your sight is all right now and that you've had treatment for your cataracts.
It must be a relief for you to be able to enjoy your garden again.

I had side effects and some are still there so I may not have any more covid injections, I'll just have the flu one I get every year.

16 Aug, 2021


That is so disconcerting for you loosestrife and delighted that you have fully recovered. It happened to my husband about 20 yrs ago and all the tests came back negative for stroke/blood clot etc except for high blood pressure. It hasn't happened to him since. His sight came back within 2 hrs. Luckily he wasn't driving/riding at the time and it was just his left eye.

I am sure you will get your garden licked into shape. Is the smartweed Polygonum pensylvanicum? if yes then I have similar in my garden. Pretty pink flower none the less.

Sorry you had adverse reactions Hywel, I just had a raging temperature for about 12hrs with the first one and absolutely nothing with the second one.

16 Aug, 2021


Believe it or not Hywel my doctor actually used the soothing words ...” Frightening, isn’t It.” That was just what I needed. Like you, I have had enough of this vaccine.
Yes SBG it is Polygonum pensylvanicum. Pretty with a potential as a ground cover but it is a fast growing invasive weed which smothers the garden plants even potted ones with dense growth. I will soon spend the winter months planning for its total demise next year.

17 Aug, 2021

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