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Not Again!!!


By lily2


Are all the female blackbirds round here stupid or is it just the same one who is VERY, VERY stupid (or suicidal)?
My blog of one week ago told of my open glass door being hit by a female blackbird on 2 consecutive days, both times she (or they as the case maybe) recovered after a while. While I was out in the garden this morning just a few feet from the door it happened yet again. This time she was stunned but able to hop into the border to escape me, or maybe she remembers that was where I put her before to recover! Mr Blackbird witnessed the happening and was immediately down there to see her. He spent a while on the fence just above her somewhat agitated but thankfully now they have both gone. I am really hoping that things do go in threes and this is the last time.
I have put stickers on the door as suggested on GoY and thought that had solved the problem but it looks like I will have to go back to the draped and pegged towel unless anyone has any other suggestions.
The problem seems to be that they fly down the side of the house and do a sharp right and there is the door. Maybe they now have to turn sharper right than in previous years because the Prunus tree is narrowing their flight path as it gets wider – or maybe it IS just the same dopey bird each time!

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Oh Dear! it seems that your flight path is'nt clear for the birds, I would'nt think the same bird has done it three times, I know if I banged my head I would'nt go back a second time let alone a third.....but there again I'm not a bird. Hmmmm back to the drawing board then Lily perhaps a series of strings with something dangling from them to 'veer' the birds away from the door?

19 Jun, 2009


You'd think the bird would have learnt by now. Could you maybe put a trellis or something to deter them from flying down the side of the house in the first place ?

19 Jun, 2009


We have had blackbirds and thrushes do this,it seems to happen on the brighter sunny days when the garden is reflected in the windows. They seem to think its an extension of the garden ! We have started to leave the roller blinds lower down(mainly happens in back garden) when we can,its difficult because we want to see out too! Sadly ours only did it once !!

19 Jun, 2009


It must be a female thing. I had a Mrs Sparrow in my kitchen yesterday
scared the begeebas out of me

and luckily for her she didnt leave any "presents" else there would of been trouble!!

x x x

19 Jun, 2009


Thanks for the suggestions, we are still trying things out. Can't put up a trellis Hywel as this would stop us going down there and it is our side path access to the front garden. Might be able to fix up some high strings between the house and the tree though Bob, as long as we don't hang ourselves as we walk past! No roller blinds Aster but did think of opaque sticky back plastic, though like you say we want to see out too.
One last thought, maybe she got amnesia the first time so that's why it keeps happening!!

20 Jun, 2009

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