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War and Peace


By lily2


Mid morning on a lovely sunny March day down at the lake but no ducks or geese to be seen. Usually there are dozens of them waiting to make a beeline for any people who linger at the water’s edge…..but not today all is quiet and peaceful

We didn’t have to walk far before we came across the first of many pairs dotted lazily around the water’s edge

All were very reluctant to move in spite of our close proximity, maybe they sensed Spring was in the air and were worn out from doing what comes naturally.

Some were alone and sleeping it off in strange places like this

The swans are usually always keen to swim over like these on a previous visit.

but today they’re lingering over near the island rather than coming to pose for me.

The herons were busy doing nothing in their nests out on the island

Cormorants just keeping an eye on things from their perches in the high branches

A solitary coot gave us a brief glance as he swam by

Another sunny day two weeks later, it all looked the same as usual but what a difference in the mood of the residents!

We hoped that maybe on our next visit there would be some cute little ducklings to admire, but NO ………

This time there were many ducks around (mostly males) and all in a very quarrelsome mood, jostling and pecking at each other. The coots were numerous and just as bad tempered with each other.

A swan swam towards us looking very beautiful with wings arched

It soon became apparent why…….it was a threatening gesture to his remaining offspring from last year who we were feeding. He proceeded to peck and chase the young one and continued to follow him in a menacing way as he swam around the lake

I know some of us humans have offspring who are unwilling to “fly the nest” but this method of persuasion does seem a bit harsh. It seems he’s not allowed to be anywhere in the lake, surely it’s big enough for them both?

Ah well, we decided to leave them all to their various wars and say goodbye to the lake

and walk back through the woods

at least this little chap came out to say “goodbye” and see us off the premises.

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Lovely blog Lily - thanks for sharing.

20 Mar, 2012


Great pics, lovely lake.
The birds have been quite here today, I was wondering what they were up too.

20 Mar, 2012


Glad you enjoyed it Sheila, I love your new avatar :o))
Thanks Willi, the birds have all got plenty on their minds this time of year!

20 Mar, 2012


Lily, this is document is on almost all birds living in Britain, lol. What a good luck you had :) Beautiful photos, love the colour of the lake. "The chap" is squirrel?

20 Mar, 2012


great blog Lily and enjoyed the photos very much :o))) x

20 Mar, 2012


LOL Katarina, no only a few of hundreds maybe even thousands of British birds! Yes "the chap" is a squirrel but not a very good photo.
Hi Sandra and thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I seem to be stuck on bird blogs lately. It seems like spring is here so maybe some flowery things soon :o)))x

20 Mar, 2012


Really enjoyed that walk with you Lil. obviously , now its spring , they've all got something else on their mind. We watched a swan last year on holiday in Turkey and it was biting this young one and then another joined in. It was awful to watch, but this little one refused to move from its nesting place, inspite of the fact that he was now bald in a few places where they had been pulling at his feathers. We couldn't watch anymore , so we left them to it.

21 Mar, 2012


It always seems odd to me to see a duck in a tree! As for the swan, his offspring must be male - this time of year, he's not having it. They can be so and so's though - I've a friend who has swans on water really close to her house - every time you come outside, the blasted things chase after you, flapping and pecking, vicious they are.

21 Mar, 2012


Thanks Rose, glad you enjoyed it. The little we saw was bad enough, that's why we left. The parent was obviously not going to give up however many times they swam round the lake, one of the less pleasant aspects of nature I suppose. :o(
Hi Bamboo, was only thinking of you today and here you are! The tree with the duck in was very low, at water level, and the duck seems to have his head submerged but I think it's reflection and was only half in the water.
I thought the young one must be male, I suppose they want shot of him in order to concentrate on the next batch. Seems tough though doesn't it to be so vicious.

21 Mar, 2012


Nature is very cruel Linda. When we had 4 fox cubs in the garden. One of them was lame in a back leg. The vixen stopped feeding them. She may have been run over. I unplated the base of the side gate and the three fit ones went right away. They were eating dog food like no tomorrow. The lame one was getting thinner. I fed him up for another 3 weeks then let him go. I saw Golden fox, one of the cubs recently, by his markings. The lame one never again. A lot of animals are so territorial and nasty when they are breeding again.

22 Mar, 2012


Lovely photo's Lily, how lucky you are to live in such a picturesque area, is this the same lake where you had the misfortune to see a duckling disappear suddenly ?

22 Mar, 2012

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