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Treasure Hunt


By lily2


Now that the cheerful yellow daffodils have started to fade my garden isn’t looking very colourful, or so I thought, until I took a closer look. The colour is still there but rather less flamboyant………. with some obvious exceptions.

Here’s what I found on my treasure hunt…….

Blossom on the Prunus Cerasifera Nigra was able to put on a beautiful show for once instead of being spoilt early on by wind and rain. In spite of some recent rain there are still some flowers left. The rest are now “confetti” all over the garden!

This lone Tulip is the sole survivor of 15 white, yellow and orange bulbs I planted last year

This Ribes is very old but still flowers quite well

One of those showy exceptions are Camellias and I have three. This one is “Rudigore”

Chionodoxa and Hyacinth in a pot from last year


Grevillea startting to show a few of it’s rather strange flowers

Camellia Jury’s Yellow

I’ve always known these as Primroses, not sure if that’s correct. They are descended from a clump growing in my parents’ garden and have graced all three of my own gardens over the years so have a strong sentimental attachment.

Hellebore, Heather and yellow Primroses (plus a few weeds!)

Camellia “Debbie”, finally out of it’s pot and happy in it’s new home, I hope.

Anenome Blanda which have had a lovely time sunbathing in all the recent sunny weather

Little trailing Pansy, one of several self seeded from some sent to me by Valadel last year

Hellebore which, to be honest, I’ve always thought to be, well…….boring but seen from this angle, maybe not

and last of all, although not a flower, Cordyline which I’m so pleased has made it through the winter unlike many others locally.

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Lovely mix of colours Lily definitely treasures there :o)

31 Mar, 2011


You have some lovely colour there,Lily,and I love all your Camellias,especially the red one,but my favourite is the anemone and chionodoxa,as that shade of blue is my favourite colour...A lovely display,thanks for sharing.. :o)

31 Mar, 2011


you have some beautiful plants ~ i loved the photos too, that third one of the ribes is so clear.
i havent seen the Grevillea before but its very nice. i also liked the cream camellia.

31 Mar, 2011


You have a nice lot of colourful flowers already. Things are looking up :)

31 Mar, 2011


Thanks Helen, I love lots of colour in my garden :o)
Glad you enjoyed looking at my treasures Bloomer. I think whatever Camellia I'm looking at is my favourite, it's so hard to choose! Blue is my favourite colour too, now wouldn't a blue Camellia be wonderful?
I'm glad you liked my photos too Sticki. The Grevillea flowers are very odd and quite small but look good "en masse". The foliage is rather prickly and grows so fast that I think it's days may be numbered as OH complains about it when he goes past to his car! :o(
Hi Hywel, I had to look closely for some of them but yes, lots more to look forward to. :o)

31 Mar, 2011


Your garden is blooming lovely Lily your Camelias are wonderful and love the yellow one its gorgeous.

1 Apr, 2011


Oh dear, Lily, who's taken the remaining Tulip bulbs? Squirrel perhaps? Could you tell me how old the Heathers are please? I'm not sure whether to plant some tiny ones I have had in pots all Winter, or will they take forever to grow? Sorry to ask so many questions ... lol! Love the Hellebores, not boring at all. : o )

1 Apr, 2011


Many thanks Sixpence, looking around at other people's gardens it seems like a very good year for Camellias. It's amazing how the buds come through all that frost and snow. The yellow Camellia has lovely dark glossy foliage that really shows the flowers off to their best. :o)
No, not Sid Squirrel Shirley, neither he nor his mates visit my garden. They were grown in pots and stayed there overwinter and they must have just rotted away. I'm not sure that I really like tulips anyway! I've had lots of heathers over the years and they've all grown quite rapidly even though I trim them over every year after flowering to keep them in shape. The white one was only planted last year (not as big as it looks!) The other 2 pink ones have been in about 5 years in rather dry places but they don't seem to mind. I think you should plant yours out. :o)

1 Apr, 2011


Your garden has lots of lovely colour init, i'm so pleased your cordyline made it through, think everybody i know in Blackpool who have them lost them.

1 Apr, 2011


Thanks for the info. Lily. I think I'll pot them on for a while and plant them in the front gravel garden when they've grown a bit. : o )

1 Apr, 2011


I agree Lily seems they like the frost and sever cold yes the foliage looks great and does make the flower.

1 Apr, 2011


Very colourful garden, Lily, you are a lot more advanced than here in Cardiff. I have lost several trees and shrubs:(
Never mind, the greenhouse is full of seedlings and I am off to the garden centre soon to look for some more replacement shrubs :)

1 Apr, 2011


Hi Clarice, such a shame to see all these dead Cordylines, my son had a beautiful 15' one but sadly now looking very dead. :o( Nearby there is a house with a hedge of them (very strange idea), I must go and have a look at how they've fared.
I love heathers in gravel Shirley, shows them off to their best I think :o)
It's good that the severe weather has some benefits Sixpence!
Thank you Rachelsmum. I always look on plant caualties as an opportunity to plant something else and a good excuse for a trip to the GC! Hope you enjoy your trip :o))

2 Apr, 2011


sorry i missed this lily, beautifull pictures of you lovely plants, so colourfull :o))

14 Apr, 2011


Hi Sandra, better late than never :o) It's amazing how photos can make a little look a lot isn't it? LOL Only a week after I did this blog there was so much more colour, all that sunshine of course but it's gone now. The sun, not the colour!

14 Apr, 2011

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