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Its just occured to me that I haven’t actually posted any photos of my garden since I’ve been back for summer… and I’ve been back almost two months now!

Pics from when I’d just come back:

Looking through them now, everything seems so small… but I remember when I’d just come back and turning round the corner and seeing all the flowers! It was one of my best gardening moments so far because I’d never seen the garden like that before (mum had been holding out on me with the photos), and it was lovely seeing something that I’d achieved…. I know it still needs plenty of work, and is lacking in design, but I don’t care! It was so lovely seeing all these plants flowering that I’d grown from tiny seed and planted out in the autumn, doubting they’d ever grow big enough, that they’d freeze, or that the slugs would eat them, or the chickens scratch them up… yet here they were!

This is the little froggie that I found bopping about the place… at one point I was pulling up some weeds elsewhere in the front garden and this slimey thing dropped out and landed on my toe… then a baby frog hopped away… it wasn’t a particularly pleasant moment (In fact I think I made some kind of embarrassing squealy noise), but its nice to think I might have a couple of them knocking around and slurping up slugs and things fingers crossed… only problem is I’m terrified of squishing them!

Late June:

Late June:

– A few weeks ago I hadn’t been able to sleep, so had been reading in bed, and come morning all this light was shining through my curtains so I decided to creep outside and see some of the day and it was so beautiful and peaceful, with the kind of light that set everything glowing… it also meant I got to have a nosey round my garden and see which bits got the morning light… thankfully my borders int he front garden were protected :)


I had to cut all my heartsease back eventually…. I should have done it months ago, and I hope they’ll forgive me for leaving it so late, but they just wouldn’t stop flowering! Literally since this time last year, right the way through…

Late July:

– Dad has finally had the time to fix the lawn so its all flat and sown up with grass seed now…. can’t wait till we have a proper lawn there again!

Unfortunately my Lychnis is rather taking over here… I need to move it back for next year (Actually I think I need to move everything back! I hadn’t realised quite how tall it would all grow…. hopefully for next year I will be able to have some lower growing stuff leading up to it! Also maybe one plant rather than three…. I do love it though. All bar one of the batch I sowed came up rasberry-ripplish, the other one is that bright bright pink…. mum just calls it ‘that_thing_’ but I quite like it ;)

Unfortunately after a couple of days of rain all my shastas and lychnis coronaria have fallen over :( Its my fault because I totally skipped out on the staking (I knew I should have been doing some, but didn’t know what to stake or when, so just kindof left it…. bit of a mistake! :P The annoying thing is I can’t really get there to fix it without stomping on dad’s precious tender lawn :( Theres always next year…. I hope I’ve learned my lesson though!

Bad Kitty!:

The side border now:

The next area:

Dad means to put in a metre wide path alongside the chicken run, but the rest of that space is free for mum and me… which is handy because I have loads of plants and nowhere cleared to put them (I have been very bad and lazy this holiday and cleared no new areas…. I’d had all these good intentions then I got home and all the weeds were practically up to chest hight so I just kindof lost heart a bit… this is half done already though, so lucky me:) The only worry now is that when dad puts his path in that they’ll all get battered, but its that or grow potbound…

Anyway, thats my bit of the garden this summer… plenty still to be done! I’ve been neglecting the borders and just taking care of the plants I’ve got growing for next year, without thinking about the lack of cleared spaces to put them! I will just have to brave it and dive in once I can walk on the lawn again! After all, I have only cleared half way round the front garden so far, so theres a long way to go! And then all the other bits I mean to eventually expand into… + I’m sorry for putting too many pictures on again, I tried to be restrained but didn’t really manage it… hopefully they won’t take too long to load!

I haven’t been on GoY for a while, and haven’t been up to date with it for ages, so I’m going to try to catch up a bit! But I hope you’ve all been having good gardening summers and have managed to get plenty done :)

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Hello Jenny pet! I've not been able to be on the site much myself lately, trouble with 'tinternet! I have seen you bounce on once or twice, for a quick comment, and fly off again!
Don't be fretting too much about your garden, it's looking grand, I just love your white lychnis, and I have LOADS of the shocking pink one too, it absolutely cuts the eyes out of your head, but it really makes a statement, not sure what...probably 'WHOOHOO! LOOK AT MEEEHEEE!!'
It's nice to break the rules sometimes too, don't worry if tall things are at the front of your border, you can always put lower plants beside them, but just go with the flow, & from what I can see it's going fabbily! (not a word!). Anyhoo, just take it a little bit at a time so you don't get disheartened, there's plenty of time yet, and you can't walk on your new grass for a good while yet, so just turn your attention somewhere else!
Your garden's looking really promising at the moment, because it's lovely already, but I can see it looking really stunning in the very near future!! Keep your chin up!!

25 Jul, 2011


love the white campion , (lychnis)..if you fancy doing a swap for some of my pink for your white let me know !! .....
gardens looking great !! well dun you ..................;0))))

25 Jul, 2011


Take heart Jennyfer, I'm sure most of us get behind at times in the garden I know I do! mine is looking very overgrown at the moment. The trouble is I have grown to many tall plants for my small borders, it looked fine a few years back but the perennials have grown to big and now need dividing. I'm thinking of completely changing the garden over the next couple of years as we will be having a conservatory put on the back. Hopefully next year I'm going to take out the side beds and have some raised beds built for rock and alpine plants, the middle bed will come out too and have a watter feature instead. It just depends if we have the pennies to spend, I have my fingers crossed. I love the forth Photo of the poppies it would make a lovely watercolor panting. Thank you your for your blog you can never have to many Photos they tell the story! :-)

25 Jul, 2011


Hi Jen

Your garden is flourishing well - and I see you have been putting some edging along one of your borders - this tidies things up such a lot doesn't it ? Like me though you still have a lot to do, but as everyone always tells me - a bit at a time and it will get done eventually.

Good luck with it all. I hope the new lawn grows well - it will look so different there when there is a good lawn.

25 Jul, 2011


Lol, thankyou Libet, and it is a bit of an eye-scorcher, isn't it?! :P
Cristina: Sure that sounds fine :) Would you rather seeds or a division? and when would it be best to divide it anyway, should I wait till the flowers have finished? I have some young ones i sowed this year that should be pink, so don't worry about that, unless you have anything else cottagey you can spare a bit of :P

Teds: In all the pictures I've ever seen of it, your garden always looks lovely! But its reassuring to know that it gets on top of other people too :P Good luck with your transformation plans! I hope you get the resources for it soon :)

And thanks Marie :) I haven't put that edging in yet, but I need to! Dad did it for me last year for the deep border, but we ran out of tiles, until he kindly bought me some more on ebay a few weeks back, but I haven't got round to sticking them in yet! I just laid them out to see if they would fit. I've had to keep hacking back the grass underneath with some hand shears, so I'll have to find time to stick them in soon! I can't wait for the new lawn either! and I guess we need to keep at it, and hack out a new patch from the wilderness bit at a time :P I hope your backs not been troubling you too much and that you've managed to make some progress :)

26 Jul, 2011


Hi Jen

You'll do it - just takes a bit of time, as I know only too well. Am gradually making some progress but not as fast as I'd like but I suppose every little bit helps doesn't it ?

Will send a PM when I have a moment.

26 Jul, 2011


Ah, I think I might owe you one :P Glad you're making progress, even if its a bit slow, its still moving forward :)

27 Jul, 2011


i will have a look and see ok .............

13 Aug, 2011


sure :) I've read that you can divide lychnis, but looked at the plants and they seem to still be just one rossette... if not, would some seeds be okay? The only worry is they might not come out white, so I'll have a proper look at the plants (and maybe the internet!) when I get back.

17 Aug, 2011

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