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Hello :)
BBC4 has just started a series of gardeny/botany programes, which may interest some of you :) I just watched the first installment of ‘Botany: A blooming history’ this evening, and it was really itneresting :) All about the begining of classification of plants, the next installment is next tuesday at 9, athlough todays should be on iplayer. I think they are supposed to be doing some other planty programmes too :)

Also for anyone who has yet to hear about it, mr. Titchmarsh is back on our boxes on friday night, with the first of an 8-part series called ‘love your garden’. Its supposed to be aimed at people with small gardens and realistic budgets etc. and is on ITV half an hour before gardeners world. Anyway, for those who might be interested and were unaware… it might be worth a look :)

I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend and some good weather (be that rain or shine).

Happy gardening!

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Thanks Jenny! I will be having a look a both of these!

7 Jun, 2011


Thank goodness for iplayer, I missed that one for tonight, thankyou for reminding us about Mr T`s programme.....

7 Jun, 2011


watched the botony one ............. but found it a bit boreing after a while so fell asleep lol ............. but will def be watching on fri ........... like being in a sweet shop woooooo .

8 Jun, 2011


a few years ago I did the NCH at the local agricultural college (it was a fulltime course lasting a year and the best fun!!)one of the subjects was botany which I found fascinating when you looked at the plans through a lens.... we started at Linnaeus so finding out yesterday that it began before him was a revelation, the programme was enthralling but I found the presenter a bit sort of 'happy clappy' for want of a better expression!!---- I'll be watching next week though....

8 Jun, 2011


I'm looking forward to the Alan Titchmarch programme and then on to Gardeners World :) Before I got into gardening there were programmes on all the time, now I WANT to learn they are few and far between!

8 Jun, 2011


I was reading an article about the whole titchmarsh thing yesterday and he said something similar... that it was time to get more variety into the the gardening programmes on TV :P I hope so :)

Hehe, I noticed that too Pamg, but it was the first time I've learnt about all this stuff + that course sounds amazing!!!

+ Lincslass, iplayer is my tv lifeline at uni ;) So glad I'm going in a time when you can catch up online :D

8 Jun, 2011


Thanks for that Jenny, set it to record, sounds interesting. I'll have to catch on the first one also.
The A. Titchmarch was already set , in hope it will actually deliver. Seen to many times what garden programs and magazine call a small garden and realistic budget, let's hope AT won't disappoint us. I need a gardening program I can enjoy watching without fast forward (as in the last few years of gardeners world)...

8 Jun, 2011


the course was amazing 50% practical and then classroom stuff such as botany, soil science, pests & disesases etc , the practical is everything from seed sowing, cuttings, grafting etc you name it -- we did it -- simply the best year I learnt so much and loved it all ( we even learnt how to drive a tractor!!!)

8 Jun, 2011


Haha! That sounds amazing! I'm quite jelous! I was only looking last night at gardening courses and thinking how nice it would be to do one :P

I've also just discovered that 9 o'clock tonight in BBC4 is 'Hidcote: A Garden for all Seasons', might be worth a look.

I hope it doesn't dissappoint too Columbine! Gardeners' world tends not to be very useful :( and possibly even less so since it changed format this year.

8 Jun, 2011


Jennyfer, I'm not a great watcher of TV but, the Hidcote programme this evening had me spellbound for an hour! Fascinating stuff. : o ))

8 Jun, 2011


Yeah, I enjoyed it :) Would have liked to see a little more of the garden, but the history of it was still very interesting :)

11 Jun, 2011

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