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Arley Garden Festival


Yesterday mum and I went to the garden festival at Arley (our second time!). Like last year it didn’t dissappoint… lots of plant stalls, and a tour round the herbacious borders with the head gardener, who was really helpful and answered people’s gardening questions at the end (apparently what I’ve got in my greenhouse is fungus gnats! Hopefully at last I will be able to find some way of getting rid of the bleepers!)

Anyway, I am just gonna stick up some of the pictures I took… the herbacious borders at Arley are apparently the oldest surviving ones in the country, surviving I think he said from 1860ish or sometime (they’re trying to pin down the exact dates through hunting through archive material). He also said that they are designed to be walked along, and viewed that way, rather than as somewhere to sit and look at. The planting is planned so it looks good from an angle,wheras if you look at it straight on, there might not be much stuff in flower etc. The Herbacious Beds:

The Ilex(?) Avenue:

The Shrub Rose Garden (I think perhaps my favourite bit):

In the vegetable garden there were these roses which had been trained up fence posts. I thought they made a really attractive, but non-fussy feature. Something that I would like to try if I find a suitable space :):

Booty: I spent some long hoarded christmas money and added to my plant collection, problem is i of course now have no idea where to put them! My favourite is the white ragged robin… i fell in love with it! I have a couple of pink ones lurking in my border somewhere which i discovered a few weeks back in a mini module tray, that i’d sown last year. Have since sown more, because I’ve decided they’re so pretty!

I also bought Geranium ‘Mrs. Kendal Clark’, which I’m excited about (although its ‘Anne Folkard’ that i’m especially keeping my eye out for). I also a white physostegia (i’ve never even heard of them before… time for research;), and then 6 gulp plants off a stall with a 3 for £5 on 7cm pots of perennials. Unfortunately they’re all hideously rootbound and have some major straggle issues, but I’m hoping that given some space they will somehow pick up… maybe next year :P But I got an orangey-yellowy helenium, a white Achillea Ptarmica ‘the pearl’, Geum Rivale (water avens), a yellow coreopsis, a felty leaved verbascum, that should have yellow flowers next year I hope, and a weird Digitalis lanata ’ ‘café creme’. Also I got a saxifraga ‘cuscutiformis’ from another stall. It all came to £18, which wasn’t that bad, but apparently more than I should have spent..

Spikey seeing what all my fuss is about.

I hope you’re all having a good weekend gardening. Sorry if I’ve been lousy at commenting on things lately… I’ve hardly been on GoY! :( I was going to upload some photos of how my gardens doing, but these ones took an eternity so I’ll have to do it some other time (don’t want to waste the weather! Dad has gone out to weed where the front lawn needs replacing (where it all got weedkilled off last year to be leveled out… and is still waiting for a re-sowing!). I am about to go out and help him, in the hope it will get done sooner! (also he has been very lovely and just won some more edging tiles for me off ebay!).

Happy Gardening to all! xxx

P.S. Sorry if all the photos make your computer go slow! GoY is lovely, but occassionally can be frustratingly slow whilst loading!

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great pictures what a lovely day out for you am sure your plants will be ok, tease the roots out a bit and plant out they will soon be ok, lovely cat...

26 Jun, 2011


love arley ............... went a few weeks ago and got loads , missed the plant fair it was just ending , but went in the g.n. bit in stead ..................... shame i missed this , can u post if you going again ...........

26 Jun, 2011


Hi Jenn

Your photos are gorgeous - I'm glad you had a good day out yesterday.

Hope everything is coming together a bit in your garden.

Happy Gardening :)

26 Jun, 2011


Beautiful picked a lovely day to visit and you do better than me at remembering all the plants you have bought...I have a terrible time with naming them! :(

It's been very warm/hot here today....hard to stay outside for too long if working. Hope you and your dad managed to get your job done...teamwork eh? :)

26 Jun, 2011


Yep, we made a big dent in the lawn, but then we had a bee swarm! So called up the local swarm collecter and then the rest of the day sort of evaporated.... but ee! Right when I was thinking about bees! :P Hes said that if ever he has people (he teaches about beekeeping) who want somewhere to keep bees he'll let them/us know about it, which is good! :o)
- p.s. took photos of the labels, so just had to check over photos to remember ;)

Thanks Marie! Not got that much done lately, but everythings all big and lots of stuff is flowering, which is nice :) How goes your plot?

Sorry I didn't post this earlier Cristina! I meant to put it up right after I came back, but didn't get round to it :( I know that there is supposed to be a plant fair there in autumn!

+ thanks cazcat, I will try to tease them out a bit, but they're fairly solid! *fingers crossed* i'll be able to ease them up enough :)

26 Jun, 2011


Lovely pictures Jen, love Spikey as well there so nosey and wont to now what's going on bless him .....

27 Jun, 2011

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