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Arley Spring Plant Fair


Hello :)

This morning we went to the spring plant fair at Arley to pick up a few treats!

There were only about 7 nurserys there, but there was still some good stuff to be had :) And at affordable enough prices even for a cheapskate like me! (well, I’ve got to spend my student loan on something, haven’t I?;)

Yay! Dark purple Heuchera! I keep seeing them and loving the colour of the foliage, and finally I have one, mwahaha! At first I resisted, and even left the fair, but came back, plant bags flying and umberella dripping, just to get it :P

Pulsatilla Vulgaris ‘Rubra’… whatever one of those is, but it looks pretty and says its a form of one of our wildflowers, so I’m sure I can stick it in somewhere ;)

We have some Aquillegias already, so I know they’re fairly happy in our garden, but none are quite as exotic as this :P

Campanula Poscharskyana
I bought this off the same stall as the Tiarella, because it had some quite small plants but for equally small prices, I have since google imaged it and it should just have pretty blue campanula-y flowers :)

Dicentra Formosa
I bought a bareroot of a Dicentra ‘bleeding hearts’, but it hung around in my halls room for a few weeks before I brought it home, so will have to wait and see whether it comes up or not…. but in the mean time I have this :) It looks a bit too delicate for our garden though, where things regularly get crushed or strimmed accidentally….

Snake’s head Fritillary
Eee, I’ve wanted one of these for a while now, I think they look really pretty and a bit funky.

Ahh, all my new treasures together :) With some from a cheeky trip to the garden centre yesterday… ahh, the extravagence! Back to seeds from now on I think! Still, the plants I got today, along with a white drumstick primula I got for mum all came in at about £19.50… not bad?

Its not a very big plant fair (the summer festival thing they do in June is much bigger, but if you live near enough by, then if they have it next year, its worth a quick trip down ;) I apologise if this is rather unexciting for other people to read :( I’m just all happy :) … Now off to the garden! (plant pot washing awaits;) I hope you are all having a grand weekend in your gardens, and not getting too much of the badweather!

(my constant companion <3)

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You did very well there

3 Apr, 2011


A great selection of purchases ...
glad you had a good time :o)
I'm adding this blog to GoYpedia Plant Labels.

3 Apr, 2011


i love it at arley is the g.c open now .................. its so pretty and they sell wot they grow , am bt 30 mins away so will def b going , i did a blog on it last aurtum have a look lol , if you can find it ;0p

3 Apr, 2011


I will do Cristina :P This is now I think the fourth time I've been... although we didn't go round the gardens this time (but they are open, as is the nursery). Last year we went to the garden festival in June, a production of the Tempest in the walled garden in late summer, and then around the gardens again in autumn/winter... there should be some pictures somewhere :P

I think I did Cinderella :) in nice and early ;)
and thanks Terra, I did :) Although it did chuck it down once we got there, after I left my raincoat in the car :$ :P

3 Apr, 2011


It's nice that you were able to make some purchases at the plant sale, Jenny. Too bad about the rain but it seems it didn't deter you from enjoying yourself! :)

Happy planting...I will ge to Arley Hall soon to one of their fairs...I think it's in May they are having another and it's not too far for us to travel.

3 Apr, 2011


Yeah, May 15th is the rare plant fair :) I'm going to be in uni then so will miss it though *sob* I hope you go and enjoy it though :) Have you been to Arley before?

3 Apr, 2011


great collection there jenny, well done, happy planting and love puss :o)

3 Apr, 2011


oooooooooooo may have to go to that . its my b day on the 16 so if we dont go away ............... will go there .
its bin hailstoneing here to day lol while the sun was out !!!!!!!!!! wots that all bt .......................

3 Apr, 2011


i cant go as its my uncles 60th that day :o( and we will just have got back from benidorm which i cant wait to get there now :o)

3 Apr, 2011


Hubby begs to differ but I am pretty sure we did visit Arley quite a few years ago.

I'll see what's happening on the day...we might get there, especially if our garden is ready for planting up by then.

3 Apr, 2011


i hope it is ready for you jacquie just in time for summer :o)

3 Apr, 2011


You have a very nice lot of plants there. You must have enjoyed the fair :o) That's great ! I like your companion :)

3 Apr, 2011


Thanks, and he is the sweetest Hywel :P Although he gets a bit cranky when I keep shoving a camera in his face, poor cat.

The fair was good today, but only a small one... the rare plants one might be aswell... so if its awkward to get to, or you're unavailable that day, I would deffinitely reccomend the summer festival in June (i think its like the 26th or the 29th or something). Its really good and much bigger, and you get to see the gardens in all their glory and stuff :) Last year the head gardener did a tour round the herbacious borders and the rose garden, which was really good:) (the weather was a lot better too;) I think I posted some pictures I took of the gardens when we went.

3 Apr, 2011


went to arley on sat ............... oh was socked how much the cream tea and a pint was lol...................
got myself a helianthus lemon queen , cos i knew they did them , and a white flowering currant called icicle , they had one at the entrance lovely .;0)))

10 Apr, 2011


I've only been to the café bit once, but I think it was quite dear :/ Dad bought a flowering currant from the nursery when we were there... we might even have the same one! :P We didn't get to look round the gardens though :( was much out?

11 Apr, 2011


did not go in gardens as going to go to the ngs day in july ................ got the curant , icicle white one lol x

12 Apr, 2011

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