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My 4 Day Front Garden Project......


By jacque


Sunday:Made my start by moveing last Summers Pansies from the Conifer Bed into the long Pansie Boarder down my foot path

Monday:Those Slabs have been waiting 6months 2 be laid & i thought yep your going DOWN 2 DAY
1st i cut the Lawn & then i laid them all by MYSELF

Tuesday:Laid my garden hose around my lawn 2 the shape i wanted New Boarder 2 be then i started 2 remove the grass,weeds&old dead roots.Phewww HARD WORK….
As you can see lots came out :)When i was happy all the rubbish stuff was gone i went across road2my friend Chrisys who z i could have her broken slabs! Got plans 4 these i told her as i left 4 home again,Some were 2 big so i made them sizes i wanted & laid them here & there in the Boarder !

Wednesday: O yes 2 days the day i plant my lovely B&Q Pansies its the MOMENT iv been waiting 4 @ LAST :)

Now where shall i start NEXT?

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hi jacque, its great looking at all the pics, really get a feel of how hard you have been working. looking good so it is.

2 Apr, 2008


I should have waited to read your blog before I asked if it was all done in one day You can come and do my front garden next if you like lol

2 Apr, 2008


Yes it was VERY HARD WORK but i did have lots of Cupa`s& little breaks 2 help me along the way lol ; )

2 Apr, 2008


You must be feeling exhausted.What a lot of hard work, but a great achievement. Perhaps you can post some more pics to show how your project develops later.

Best wishes,

2 Apr, 2008


Hi Grenville il keep it up dated as im now wanting some window boxes so i can plant more of those lovely Pansies in them 2 match the Flower Beds :)

2 Apr, 2008


Well that looks like some good work, you must feel a sense of achievement. I noticed today in homebase what lovely varieties of pansies there are about, so many lovely colours and shapes and sizes. They are a good hardy plant. Love the blues/purle shades.

2 Apr, 2008


Yes i agree the colours Pansies come in is Fantastic Carolyn, But iv gone 4 Blues/Purples as i had this colour last Summer&wanted the New Pansies2match the old,Iv added a few lighter purples this time 4 a little Change i mite even buy some White Alsum as i love the perfume of these & if i get my window boxes made&up the smell will come into my living room as il plant them i there2:)

2 Apr, 2008


You're definitely no pansy when it comes down to hard work, Jacque - what a makeover!

3 Apr, 2008


Thanx David i am so pleased with the result:) its nice2look out my living room window now i smile & dont Frown ; ) lol

3 Apr, 2008


How's your back today, Jacque? Your biceps must have grown like Popeye with all that lifting - time for your spinach, I think! lol

3 Apr, 2008


Great makeover Jacque and done how I like it too (or should I say as hubby does) very looks fab!

12 Apr, 2008


I like the style and colour, after long thought lol I couldn't decide where I prefered the pansies, thats because I like them in both places :) I love what you have done with the stepping stones and the pansies, can't wait to see your next step :)

17 Apr, 2008

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