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New Project ; )


By jacque


Remember My Front Garden Project last week & i said id like some window boxes2 set off the Garden,well iv got the Timber&Pansies 2 make a Start? Thisl be the 1st thing il have made in my life from Wood so lets hope theyl look ok :D
Timbers from Wicks Cost me £11.45 & Pansies now on SALE @ B&Q £1.98 :) Iv got 2 get some Black Water Based Wood Perserve 2 which i 4 got2day :/
Weather was Sunny&Dry this morning so i set off outside 2 make a start on those Boxes,1st i measured then got sawing ( I love sawing )just look@those pieces all nice & tidy ;)

I then joined the Front&Bottom 2 gether which went well?

Hhhhmmmmmmm i need sides with a Gap 4 drainage dont i

All Joined up now & ready :)

Now lets join these 2 my 2 Boring Windows

OOOOOoooooooohh yes looking good with acoat of Cream Paint " i went off idea of Black" ; )

Now for the Box Liner itl stop the rot & i must remember 2 put holes in 4 the Drainage

So its looking nice&tidy inside there now & all the holes have been made 4 water 2 drain away

Now all i need is 2 plant My Pansies …

Looking from side not Bad

& From My Path 2 Front Door :)

Well Its All Finished Now & Im Very Happy with the Result :D

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Great Jacque -Go for it and post up more pics when you have finished. Sounds like a lovely idea. Far more creative making the window boxes yourself. Try to line them in plastic so that the wood doesnt rot. (Thick garden bin liners are ok.) They can be stapled to the insides to line the wooden boxes, and remember to puncture holes in the bottom liner for drainage.(Hope Im not being bossy!!) Hope all goes well.Best wishes,

7 Apr, 2008


great stuff jacque, am looking forward to seening the finished project, maybe if yours turns out ok ill give it a go too.

7 Apr, 2008


You Bossy Grenville NEVER just very HELPFUL ;) & Irish il hold u 2 that :D X

7 Apr, 2008


Good luck with your new project

7 Apr, 2008


Do u like Window boxes Janette? No 1 in my street has them i thought theyd be different,I used to have 1 when i live in a Masonet & only had a Balcony 4 a Garden Then So My fella made me the BIGGEST WINDOW BOX ud ever seen! 15feet long 8inch Deep i started off a craze on the whole Masonet Estate it seemed every1 was growing plant on their Balconys it looked fab & people always looked up at my Flower Displays when they walked past going into town :)

7 Apr, 2008


Well done you I bet that looked lovely I bet your glad you now have a garden to let your talents go wild

7 Apr, 2008


Yes iv missed having a garden Janette as i did have a lovely garden b4 i lived in the Masonet,It was private rent&they sold up so we had2go Cuoncil Sadly they dont mind where they put u:( My Children were still young & i also had my Summer&pets i really did need agarden 4 all,But never Mind its all good now & the Park was not 2 far2walk with Children&Summer :)X

7 Apr, 2008


yes things do get better .What colour are you going to paint the finished work ?

7 Apr, 2008


Black 2 match the black window Frames i think, im not sure just yet ? it mite even b Cream2match wall&set off the dark colour of pansies :) So many colours 2 choose from:D

7 Apr, 2008


isnt it great jacque when you can be let loose on a garden.. i lived for 7 yrs on the 9th floor of a block of flats, used to visit my mum and da every day just so i could be out in the garden so it was heaven when we moved into this house. i think ill take a trip to b&q tomor see what bargains i can find in their garden section

7 Apr, 2008


I had my Sisters garden 2 do back then so it was good4 her& Me lol ,B&Qs Pansies/Violas all half price now ! Hope ul find Something ul like Irish ; )

7 Apr, 2008


cheers jacque, ill let you know...... when do you plan on making your window box?

7 Apr, 2008


Mmmmmmmm depends on weather as its all wet&muddy in my garden again:( think its going to be around Weds cos it says SUNNY SPELLS 4 then :D

7 Apr, 2008


Have fun making your boxes Jacque. I know that you will and it will be even more fun filling them.

7 Apr, 2008


Good luck with the boxes Jacque. Having seen your other creative efforts this should be a piece of cake!!
Today a window box tomorrow a rose arch!!

8 Apr, 2008


Go girl! Good for you! I am afraid that my DIY skills are awful to poor, so husband deals with that, and I get the garden and plants - YESSS!! (he likes making things, e.g. my wooden obelisk, so all is good). Works well.

8 Apr, 2008


Jacque, you made those SOOOO fast - you will have to set up a business in your street and charge mega-bucks to brighten all the other houses up!

8 Apr, 2008


Funny u should say that about me making them fast cos Phil my Fella z the same?Hope weathers better2morw cant wat2put the Pansies in :D

8 Apr, 2008


Don't forget to post the pics, will you! I hope you've got enough Pansy plants for all that space...

8 Apr, 2008


I hope so 2 itl be awful if i run out :( but iv 24 Pansiesthere so should be enough Barbara :D

8 Apr, 2008


Wonderwoman!!!! You put a lot of the husbands of GOY members to shame! Hope they see all this, Jacque! Brill!
I'd go for dark boxes, if it were me, to match the window frames, and to set off the plants. Brilliant!

9 Apr, 2008


Great workwomanship :-)

10 Apr, 2008


Job well done Jacque I did the same at our old house although I did stencil some pansys on the box until the flowers got going needless to say our old neighbour copied the idea so it couldn't have been too

12 Apr, 2008


Jacque, your amazing, I've always wanted to just go for it and make something for the garden, seeing your emphuziasum has given me inspiration :) and I love your humour lol

17 Apr, 2008


:) Thanx Littledove its lovely of u 2 say such nice things about me ;) it never hurts 2 have a go at things u no & i used 2 love watching my Dad do stuff when i was a girl,Fixing the Fence,his Car any thing he`d be doing id be there being nosey lol,Got alot 2 thank my Father 4 he was a Great Man :) As r many Parents who teach their Children Well :D

17 Apr, 2008

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