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Wakefield here we come...


By fluff


I’ve had to click on the ‘other’ button for this quick blog as I was fully intending to take loads of ‘autumn colour’ photos & ‘other peoples’ flowers’ pics & took my camera with that thought in mind … however I didn’t quite appreciate that the whole journey would be thundering up the M1 & there is a distinct dearth of photo opportunities on that barren highway!
So…not wanting to come back from such a jaunt empty-handed…these are the result of hanging out the car window or pointing the camera thru’ the glass at passing startled drivers who thought I was taking their photo when I actually wanted that….um…cloud?

It was still dark at 5 this morning but the dawn soon arrived…the white orb on the left is actually the full moon….it looked wonderful when I took the shot…camera not so hot on moon pics obviously!

Next comes proof of where I was heading plus an Eddie for Michael…loads of them on the road today… & the inevitable roadworks on the M1 with bollard city…

Thought I was seeing things but this is a giant tea cup en route for a carnival somewhere plus Nottingham power station & the next sign that we were getting somewhere ( can’t believe I’m showing you road signs & industrial architecture))

And so…we got the bike…no pic as I’m sooooo bored with bikes….& headed back….on the same motorway…so here are the clouds pics…as that’s ALL THERE WAS TO PHOTOGRAPH!!! Yawn, yawn & treble yawn & yes I did fall asleep in between boring you all with these …

Finally…aircraft vapour trails criss – crossing the sky & the most pathetic photo I’ve ever seen of a few rocks thrown together in the Neolithic Age otherwise known as Stonehenge!

And totally finally…can you see an angel, a shoe & a magic carpet here? It helps if you tip your laptop screen back or forward to show a darker image…if you can!

My sincere apologies to gardening Goyers who would like to see something horticultural…I did try but there was only dusty trees & the occasional bindweed!

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This did make me laugh - reminded me of so many journeys from Kent to the Lake District and we didn't even have the distraction of a giant teacup! I think I can see a shoe in the last pic but nothing else I'm afraid, even with tilting my screen. Glad you had a safe journey anyway :)

4 Oct, 2009


Hi Fluff, it's pretty difficult writing on a slant, can I tip my desk top back again?
Fancy driving straight past us and not dropping in? Huh ......
When you saw the signs for Mansfield, we are about 10-15 miles away! ! ! ;~))

4 Oct, 2009


Thanks for the nostalgia trip as I am a Yorkshire lass who emigrated to Shropshire. Spent many a frustrating hour on the M1

4 Oct, 2009


Glad you arrived home safely Fluff , I can see the shoe and what looks like a huge owl with two eyes flapping it's wings ..LOL ...

4 Oct, 2009


Thanks Fluff I often drive up the M1 but never enjoyed the scenery before. When I drive (other than local) I count the number of Eddie Stobarts for some silly reason always feel safe when I've seen one! I can see the angel with large wings and a shoe.

4 Oct, 2009


I can see the shoe and maybe the angel .Motorways are so boring.

4 Oct, 2009


Like Amy I can see an owl and also the shoe, but the magic carpet escapes me Fluff !! lol ! You've actually made the M1 interesting !! :-))

5 Oct, 2009


I enjoyed your photos. It's the best way to see a motorway :o)
I enjoyed the clouds. I love clouds. A clear blue sky looks dull to me ( sorry to all those who like it but I don't ). I can see the shoe :o)

5 Oct, 2009


Hey hey thanks to made a dull journey a bit more interesting to take photos in between my snoozes!

I can see a big angel hovering at the top of the photo with wings out... think of her kneeling with an arm stretched down...her bottom to the right in a dress or robe.
The shoe is fairly visible & the magic carpet looks like a couple of steps just above the know how genie's transport is often pictured sort of wavy?

Talk about the M1 being was 50 mph for 9 miles at one point with average speed cameras in the roadworks...wouldn't mind but no-one was working!!

5 Oct, 2009


Fascinating journey. I enjoyed the pics :o)

7 Oct, 2009


Thanks TT.

7 Oct, 2009


Great blog, Fluff! I DID see them!

8 Oct, 2009

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