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How are you coping?


By eirlys


Today has been yet another dark, dismal, windy, really WET day here in the so-called “sunny South.”

The drive has pools of water and the back lawn is a bit of a swamp. Any minute now I expect alligators to arrive!

Our lane which we have to re-surface etc will need a major overhaul once the weather improves.

The trees are still upright though we miss the willow which we lost to the wind last month. The swamp cypress and the meta sequoia are holding their own as is the tallest tree in the garden though it is listing a bit, like the Tower of Pisa. (It always has done!)
So far the weather has cost us nearly £800 in removing the willow, having it chopped up, replacing our fence panels, and one for our neighbour. ( A small cost when one considers what is happening all over the country).

The heathland around us is saturated and there is nowhere really for the water to go. I can understand the problems facing the powers that be in other areas of the country that really are flooded.

So what is it like in YOUR part of the country? On the “One Show” the other evening the ground map of the UK really brought home to me the situations all over the country.

Members here are from all parts of the UK. How are you coping?

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Sad to hear about your tree. I have been listening to the News all day, can't seem to keep away from it at the moment. My heart goes out to all the people whose houses and roads are flooded. So far here in the East we have been alright, but raining constantly all the same. I have had a little flood at the very bottom of the garden a few days ago, that has drained away now, but have not been back since. Take care out there...

14 Feb, 2014


Oh poor you eirlys, we have been lucky here in Lincolnshire too, wind and rain but not as bad as most, we lost a few branches of a couple of trees and panes out the greenhouse but that's all, the fields around are slightly flooded but nothing compared to the pictures on the news.
Hope you don't get any damage tonight :-(

14 Feb, 2014


We are extremely lucky here. We're on a hill, nowhere near any river or lake and protected by the thames barrier. My heart goes out to everyone affected. I've only seen it on the television and can't begin to imagine what it must be like for everyone who lives in the flooded areas.

14 Feb, 2014


We are wet and windblown but on a hill and so soggy but not flooded. Four or five miles away the coast has not been so fortunate but there are few houses near enough to be damaged - but the roads have suffered in places.. Its a solemn warning to those summer visitors who want to retire with a sea view and won't listen! (I keep trying to convince them...)

14 Feb, 2014


I'm curled up indoors in balmy Berkshire. Fortunately Bracknell is about eight miles from the Thames so we don't have any flooding in the town, but the wind is blowing very strongly outside. One or trees down in the area in the past couple of weeks, but so far nothing in my garden. Just been out to put a sack of chippings against the gates to stop them moving.

14 Feb, 2014


Winds blowing here sitting waiting for the tree from the church yard to blow down on my house as its close to my back door, as wind is blowing towards it from the west. I read to day that 3 houses in Norfolk fell into the sea.

14 Feb, 2014


Haven't heard what its like around the local countryside as not been out yet, there must be more trees down again after last nights wind, which even here was quite scary whipping around and I could hear things being chucked about, I've checked around the garden, my g'houses are ok, one of the sheds lost its waterproofing, apart from that, a couple of broken pots, goodness knows how they got lifted as they're very heavy and twiggy debris to clear away, I count myself lucky........

15 Feb, 2014


Good to hear we are the fortunate ones.

The fence panel that was dodgy gave up the ghost last night and was flat on the floor this morning. Can't really complain. The fence has been around a long time, like yours truly!

15 Feb, 2014


There should be Claim Forms out soon from the Enviroment Agency, as David Cameron said the Govt.
would help everyone with damaged property.

15 Feb, 2014


One fence panel down between me and next door, but it's next door's fence so no cost to me.
A few trees down in Bracknell, and one road closed after the hoarding round a building due for demolition blew on to it.

15 Feb, 2014


Unfortunately 3d thats been happening quite a lot in recent years around the coastlines, we see them in the summertime and admire the view the people living in them have but no longer say"I wish I lived there" same with all those posh places along the Thames..
Pleased to hear you are ok Andrew...

15 Feb, 2014


We set out today for our "constitutional" , and when we got to where we had decided to walk , only the path was out of the water ; there is a large fishing/leisure , wildlife lake on one side , but the fields on the other side were totally submerged . The nearby river had broken its banks , but the swans and ducks didn't seem to mind !
I had a fleeting glance of a kingfisher , too . So beautiful against the dull chocolate of the flood waters .
As per usual , I forgot the camera to record it for GoYs .
This scene was on the Suffolk/Norfolk boarder , and there was a hurricane blowing !
Stay safe , everyone .

15 Feb, 2014


Very wet here every day. The trains have not run for a couple of weeks with no hope of a rail service for some weeks after a couple of landslides either side of the village. Good news is the village flood defences are holding so far. It breaks my heart to see so many people on the TV affected and really suffering.

15 Feb, 2014

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