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Hello again


By eirlys


Hello again, Everybody.

My Goodness! Here it is the middle of March and the world as we know it seems to have changed drastically .

I swapped homes with Younger Son in November and he now lives in my old home. I have his tiny flat and equally tiny garden. Actually the sheer size of the flat is an advantage as it is so easy to clean. Everything is brand new and I love it. I am also able to walk to the market town square in ten minutes.

My garden has…..wait for it… artificial lawn. My plants are mainly in containers though I do have some nice camellias around the corner. My late husband grew these. Back at my old home the garden is coming into its own with camellias and magnolias. I, however, am in self-imposed seclusion, so I cannot take images at the moment. My gardeners still work there so Younger Son and his wife don’t have much to do.

How are you all coping with this awful virus? Your gardens must be a source of solace, and joy, and exercise. I do wish you all the very best. Keep well and think positive.

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I'm pleased to hear you've settled well into your new home Eirlys , you're lucky to be able to walk to your local market square I use to be able to until we moved but since moving I can't there isn't one anywhere near us ,I miss that ...

19 Mar, 2020


Good to see you again, I was wondering how you were doing......we too are in self isolation.......
Pleased to hear you are happy in your new home, and that you have a small manageable garden, it sound ideal...
Take care.......

19 Mar, 2020


So pleased you are happy in your new home. planters look wonderful. Hubby getting his exercise cutting the lawn [well moss really!] and I'm weeding steadily around the borders.

19 Mar, 2020


I enjoy my house and garden. There's no shortage of anything to do. Plenty of projects to work on. I can also work remotely without the office. That's a blessing. It's nice to see you back, and yes, this too shall pass. Seems like so much fear mongering going on. Social distancing does not equal social isolation. You can talk on the phone, email, chats, etc. I love to drive down to the shore and walk, run or job along the shore. That ocean breeze is so cleansing and refreshing.

19 Mar, 2020


I have been working in the garden today. It is lovely to be out there with all the spring flowers and blue skies.
You can forget about all the troubles out there in the world.
Barbara and I are going to plant our onions on Saturday and prepare the ground for our seed potatoes.
We bought seeds too. We can still work in the veg patch and keep a distance from one another.

19 Mar, 2020


Today we went to buy plants at a local garden centre, always a cheery thing to do!

There are so many things we can still do, walking, drives to pretty places with an 'in the car' picnic, old fashioned homemade sarnies and a flask, like when we were little!

Reading, writing, drawing, painting, music to listen to or play, catching up with movies you never saw, DIY, sewing, knitting, learning a language, or just go and sit in the garden and listen to the birds and admire your view.

Stay safe and stay positive.

19 Mar, 2020


I do so agree with the lovely comments here, and THANK YOU for your welcome! It is sensible to take precautions but dangerous to let only negative thoughts take over. I am a firm believer in thinking positive, even if the light at the end of the tunnel is an approaching train......especially then. :O)

20 Mar, 2020


Very best wishes to you too Eirlys and it is lovely to have you back.

I love doing my containers for the different seasons as they give such a lot of pleasure both in the planning stage and then seeing the colour they add to the garden. Hope you have fun doing yours.
We shall all be spending a lot of time in our gardens in the coming weeks.
Take care.

20 Mar, 2020


I'm glad to know you have adapted your life to your new circumstances Eirlys and that it is all working out well.
I had the same experience as you a few weeks ago and am now on my own, which feels very strange inside the house, so I am looking forward to being able to spend time in the garden these coming seasons.
Cymer ofal ! :)

21 Mar, 2020


Pleased to see you have made it back to these pages Mary, you'll have that much reading to do you'll be occupied for hours, xx

21 Mar, 2020

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