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Me again!


By eirlys


What an odd world it is at the moment. Still can hardly believe what ihas happened, and is still happening.
Here in Dorset we are told that we are better off than many counties but after the thousands that descended on Bournemouth beaches two weeks ago that can change! We are chafing at the bit. When lockdown started,I like others, was involved in setting up emergency contacts, telephone numbers, grocery deliveries. As the months progressed things for me changed.Like everyone else. I missed my family, my friends, my browsing in shops. I am a bit of an introvert so found I coped well with isolation until my supply of books dwindled. Kindle books are not the same though I am grateful to have them. TV has been dreadful though I have watched “Downton Abbey” again and some of the detective series. Thank Goodness for Prime Vieo and Netflix tough one has too be selective.

I have actually visited a garden centre and was impressed how well-organised they were. Seeing plants neglected and thrown out really upset me.

My little garden has been a source of joy though I have to look up “how to” every time I buy a plant. I appreciate my late husband all the more for growing plants from seeds and for ensuring that we had all round year colour. I have some dahlias in bloom at the moment and some nice roses in container pots.

Attached, one or two images of my garden and one I particularly like : a Dorset field filled with opium poppies.

I do hope you are all keeping safe and well and thank you for your kind comments and private messages.

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Well hello again Mary, your little garden looks really lovely, I'm so pleased you are enjoying taking care of it, I did chuckle at you saying you had to "how to " when buying new plants, I think that's part of the enjoyment Mary...
It's a very sad and strange world at the moment, the days seem long and yet the months are flying by, how does that happen??? I guess it was having to stay put for all those weeks, getting a bit easier now as we can at least visit the family, long as we be careful and still keep our distance...
Stay safe and healthy Mary xx

13 Jul, 2020


Its lovely to hear from you. I hope you have been staying relatively sane. I am impressed with your lovely garden. Very pretty.
I think the poppies aren't the opium ones but our native one. Or a crop for poppy seed to go in our posh breads. either way they are a lovely sight.
there seems to be a lot in the wheat fields too, perhaps they are not using so many herbicides. which is good.

13 Jul, 2020


Lovely pics, your garden is looking very pretty. Your grass is very green, too. Pic 2 has a very picturesque view, must be very relaxing and therapeutic.
I love the Dorset poppy field! When I’m driving past a field full of poppies, I do have to stop..even if just to take it all in. I agree with Eileen, think they are native poppies.

14 Jul, 2020


Hello Lincslass! Agree about days being long and months flying by. Very odd! Am able to find out "how" fortunately and I have two new neighbours who love gardening!

Seaburngirl, Kate : You are right. They are native poppies. I know some opium poppies are being grown on an estate nearby and I had been recently reading about them....... not inhaling them.

Sorry, Kate. It's artificial grass! Again I bow my head in shame.

14 Jul, 2020


You don’t have to! Bless. Nothing wrong with the artificial stuff at all..looks fab all year round. ;-)

14 Jul, 2020


Its so nice to hear from you again Eirlys. Your gardens front and back look lovely and peaceful. How fortunate you are to have beautiful views too - having plenty of green surroundings makes lockdown so much easier than it must be for the poor town flat dwellers.
The poppy field is a joy!

14 Jul, 2020


Your garden looks lovely and so does the poppy field :)
Nice to hear from you again and I'm glad you are keeping well ...

14 Jul, 2020


Your garden is lovely!

14 Jul, 2020


Thank you, All. Dorset is such a lovely county.....nearly as good as my old county in Wales!!
Visited a garden centre this morning to celebrate my daughter's birthday.Impressive safety precautions on site and everyone following them.

15 Jul, 2020


You have a lovely garden Eirlys and I agree with your comments about the last few months. TV has been very poor and we ended up watching every episode of Line of Duty in every series!!!

I have been impressed when I have gone out, at the care that is being taken to keep us safe.

15 Jul, 2020

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