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I was busy writing Christmas cards when there was a terrific crash. I nearly jumped out of my skin though I soon realised what had happened : a bird had crashed into the window.

My two cats were fortunately fast asleep so I ran outside to check on the victim. It was a nuthatch,* one of the two who visits our bird table every day.

He looked in a bad way, beak gaping, so I did the only thing I could: I covered him completely with some paper towels and left him to recover, if possible. An hour later he flew away!

I felt really pleased, with the nuthatch, and with myself!!


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He must have been very surprised to wake up and find himself tucked up in bed under paper sheets! So glad he recovered - one of my favourite birds. They always remind me of sauce boats...

8 Dec, 2012


well done you! thats a great rescue! i hope he repays you by continuing to visit!

sauce boats steragram? but you werent thinking of cooking one?

8 Dec, 2012


We're often on the case of "what's hit the window NOW??" Sadly, some don't recover, but most do - just leaving a patch of soft down on the window before they fly away with their biggest ever headache! Like you, we keep an eye out for feral cats and the village dogs until the invalid has recovered.

9 Dec, 2012


Steragram; "sauce boats". I know exactly what you mean!
They have that tip-tilted stance ; they look like smaller woodpeckers.

Stickitoffee; Yes, he/she's back feeding at the bird table. Striking bird.(in more ways than one!)

Nariz: The worst case we had was when a Jay crashed against our garage door.It was a beautiful bird.
We have had a lovely "angel" image on our window : a pigeon!

Snoopdog: I didn't fall for that one! :O)

9 Dec, 2012


Have you seen my blog of October 2011 called 'Trapped' about the Sparrowhawk who crashed into our balcony door? I was soooooo glad when it finally managed to fly away - although it kept us on tenterhooks all day!

10 Dec, 2012


How do I find that, please, Nariz?

10 Dec, 2012

I think the link should take you there Eirlys, I went to nariz's blogs or you can put 'trapped' into the search box at the top of the page.

10 Dec, 2012


Thank you for the link, Stickitoffee. It worked. I had tried "trapped" in the Search box but got nowhere.

10 Dec, 2012


Both nuthatch birds have been back every day feeding. They love sunflower seeds.

24 Dec, 2012


you're welcome!

i shall put out more sunflower seeds now, thank you

24 Dec, 2012

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