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Sunny Morning Mystery


By ducky


Lovely morning this morning, after the gloom, rain, and thunder of the past few days.

I got into the garden before the kids were up and about it was so peaceful and fresh that I had to get the camera out – (unfortunately the zoom has packed up so the photos aren’t all I hoped!) First thing though one of the panels from my greenhouse has vanished – no sign of it at all, all the clips are still in place its a mystery!

Whilst we did have a rumble or two of thunder last evening I just cant remeber any strong gusts of wind ….

Some of my favourite things are flowering just now

my pink flowering hawthorns (crat. Pauls Scarlett)

The tiered planting bed has gone all blowsy with the growth of the geraniums, spirea goldmound, and here and there the verbascums and aquilegias poke up and smile at me!

It is so worth getting up early for. – only problem is that I noticed the damp weather has helped the weeds flourish too.

The veg area at the front is doing ok – I have grown everything from seed so unfortunately the flowers aren’t blooming here yet (Im half tempted to cheat and buy some in – but I know I would be cross with myself later on if I did that)

The salad bed is now producing tasty cut and come again stuff.

The purple climbing beans, and sweetcorns should grow up one day! and if not there are sweetpeas and ‘Big boy’ climbing nasturtiums that should make a green screen on my wheely bin store.

meanwhile my gardening faries continue their rounds of watering

But despite all my striving to create a garden – nature just gets on and does it so much better!!!!!

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Thank you duck, what a beautiful, inspiring blog.
I may just get up and wander off down the garden path next time I wake up a bit too early.
Yr edibles are looking fantastic.

19 May, 2009


Lovely!! and the stream shot is beautiful, very England!!

19 May, 2009


Glad to hear that your weather has cheered up. Please send me some sun!

Did you find the missing panel? That's very odd.

19 May, 2009


Im going panel hunting when I collect the kiddies from school - Spritz I think the sun has already moved on, to share itself around, we now have murky showers!! Still its all good for the growing things.

19 May, 2009


Can you send some rain here spritz? We are getting one or two showers but most of it is missing us :-(

19 May, 2009


Oh, YESSSS, Andrew - you'd be very, very welcome to it!

19 May, 2009


******STOP PRESS***** Panel Located!

I found the missing panel 100yards downstream under the road bridge. I cant imagine how it got so far as it would have to blow - round the kids slide, over a 5 bar gate and over a small wall before heading down the banks into the brook.

Still at least the greenhouse is back in one piece again.

20 May, 2009


glad you found it ducky, you have a beautiful panels popped out when we had some strong winds and the door blew off, but have been given a tip to silicone them in

x x x

20 May, 2009


Thanks Moo, the panel was siliconed in!! Thats part of the reason I was so surprised it had popped! Time for another tube of gunk I guess!!

20 May, 2009


oh drat... not another tube hehe, Ive just bought 2 the prices will go up soon as lots of people will read these blogs and tips


xx x

20 May, 2009


That's good news, Ducky! Amazing that it 'flew' that far! The wind must have been very strong...

20 May, 2009


Love your garden Ducky and you little helper, its all so natural and so much to look at, as for the Flying, Floating Panel are you sure that little fairy of yours didnt cast a magic spell?

21 May, 2009


Thanks for your kind comments PP. I love to leave the stream banks as natural as possible (with the exception of stinging nettles - dead nettle is ok) but the wild things seed so freely that they do tend to crop up all over the place - and Im a very lazy gardener!!

22 May, 2009

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