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Sucessional Planting


By ducky


Made a start this weekend on getting my sucessional planting ready for the potager garden.

I had been giving the ‘problem’ of follow on crops a bit of thought as I dont want the veg garden to look bare at all once I harvest anything. So I need to get the next lot of veg growing well and to a good size before they need to go in – but I needed a method so I could ‘transplant’ them with minimal disturbance to the roots etc.

The root veg (carrotts / parsnips) are fine as I grow those in 15ltr plant pots that I can just nest into place inside a plantpot that is already buried in the garden. But for the other veg it is more of a problem.

I think that I have got a poss. solution – having read advice on germinating peas in guttering lengths I think that the same technique would work on other veggies. So I have bought 10m of flat bottomed ‘u’ shaped guttering and all the end stops that Focus had in stock! having drilled a few drainage holes in the bottom and chopped it into suitable lengths that will fit on my greenhouse shelving I have planted loads more seeds. Fingers crossed.

My new water butt which fills from water siphoned out of the bath is proving a great sucess – the girls love watering stuff with their little pink watering cans – and they think it is really funny that it smells of soap. Hopefully the bit of bubble bath residue might deter greenfly? I know that my granny used to spray her roses with a mild soapy water mix to keep bugs off, perhaps ‘Miss Matey’ will be as effective.

My cuttings of Scaredy cat plant are beginning to root now which is good as I really need them to get going asap – Im also hoping the odour will deter squirrels as well as cats, as I seem to have a local grey who is very keen on sitting in my sweetcorn pots – so far I have lost 4 plants to his big bushy rear end!

We ate our first harvest of home grown salad greens this weekend – delicious, well worth waiting for!

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Like your idea about using guttering. My 2 year old grandson Aiden has a yellow watering can and spends ages soaking everything in sight!!

19 May, 2009


Hopefully the guttering will work ok - the compost in there is deeper than my usual 'cell' planters and I will be able to pop off the ends and slide out the length of soil into its 'final' location - with luck - watch this space.....

19 May, 2009

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