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Yoghurt pots and Toilet roll tubes


By ducky


My collections of pots and tubes and plastic bottles are going very well now, it is recycling at its best – Came to work today to find my kind colleagues had left 2 empty plastic bottles, 6 toilet roll tubes and 10 yoghurt pots on my desk for me. I use the pots for sowing or potting on seedlings , the bottles cut up for cloches (then later inverted and sunk into my beds as slug beer traps or waterers) and the toilet roll tubes I make into pea and bean root trainers for getting a good strong root system going – once Ive finished with them they can still go into the recycling collection.

I have also posted a plan of my garden and some more pictures as It is rather hard to explain easily how the garden wraps round the house and changes levels.

And even better the sun is shining – (although ominously the council have gritted all the local roads)


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Great reuse and recycle! I use the toilet roll tubes along with shredded junk mail as bedding for my worms, and I use milk jugs for cloches also.
Last night I made up some newspaper pots from Jacques instructions.
How do you use the plastic bottles as slug traps and waterers I could use that also.
I just love the idea of using something in the garden that doesn't cost me anything! : )

5 Mar, 2009


This looks a very neat plan.
Well done on the recycling ideas.:o)
My cardboard toilet roll tubes and kitchen roll tubes are re-used because they are favourite toys for my puppy. Lol.

5 Mar, 2009


Here we go Wohlibuli.

Slug trap
- get one large plastic bottle (the type from soft fizzy drinks) and cut in half , bury the half bottle in the ground so just the very top sticks out (like a mini but deep pond liner) pour into this about 3-4" of beer. Now just go back and check every day - slugs love beer, they crawl in to have a good drink then get drunk and drown. Just clear out the coprses and top up the beer as required.

Start as before but this time you use the other end of the bottle where the spout is. either remove the bottle lid or make holes in the lid with a heated wire (depending how fasr you want the water to get into the soil) again bury the bottle amongst the plants you want to water so the bottom of the 'funnel' is near the roots (for beans and such I plant the watering funnel at the same time as I plant the bean out, and before I much round it) Then wenever You want to water just fill the funnel. The water gets straight down to the roots - no wastage and it encourages the roots to grow nice and deep. It really helps speed up watering and leaves dont get scorched if you are watering when the sun is on the plants.

Hope its something you may find useful.

Ducky xx ;0)

5 Mar, 2009


Some great tips Ducky, I use plastic meat tray and paper and plastic cups for bringing on seeds.:0)

5 Mar, 2009


Great blog Ducky....always good to re-use and recycle. I use the styrofoam and plastic meat trays from the supermarket for seed flats too Sue. Also, tin foil containers, plastic cups, plastic cookie trays, little single serving plastic fruit containers, cardboard take away food boxes etc etc...anything I can get my hands on really. :o)

5 Mar, 2009


Thanks for the info... I thought slugs wouldn't crawl over sharp you use anything special to cut or does that not really matter. I like the idea of the waterer,might be something I could adapt to hanging baskets! Thanks again!

5 Mar, 2009


To cut the tubes I have an old serrated bread knife, but it really doesnt matter, I heard about the 'slugs avoiding sharp edges thing too - just make sure the pot is sunk deep enough that it is almost flush with the ground level.

TTFN. xx

6 Mar, 2009

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