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Going Potty


By ducky


Well I have decided to go ahead, dig up my bit of front lawn and create a potager garden – that way if I dont get the go ahead on the veg plot down the road I will still be able to grow loads of stuff at home (hopefully) – if I do get the veg plot then I will have loads of space and have loads more fun!!!

Im not going to let a bit of local politics get me down.

Looking on GoY this morning it seems that loads of us have been hit by the strong gusty wind last night and the frost. For me that means picking up loads of fallen sticks and repairing the greenhouse once more – oh joy!

Well tonight Im going to start planting my seeds and getting mucky I cant wait.


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Hello Ducky ~

All these setbacks are called "character building" :o)

If you want good weather, I've put sunshine maps for Canada and the UK. on my photo page. Lol.

Good idea to use your front garden for the planting. You can alter it at a later date if circumstances change.

Let us know your progress. :o)

4 Mar, 2009


I hope things straighten out for you with the allotment. Good idea to dig up the front and use that instead/as well. You will have so much produce you won't know what to do with it all. LOL.
It brings to mind the old TV show 'Good Neighbours' and them growing vegs in the front garden. Someone was stealing then and Tom was out there laying a trap to catch the thief. You'll have to surround your plot with barbed wire fencing and spot lights. LOL.

4 Mar, 2009


Ducky I am so pleased you did not let your disappointment put you off,good thinking on your part using the front and lets face it you can be very creative and have colour and veg.,hope you dont get too mucky

4 Mar, 2009


I dont think that barbed wire and spotlights would be particularly welcomed in our quiet little corner!! - I do already have the attack dogs though (Muffin and Ginger) who bark fiercely everytime someone comes by. Although having said that the area has got a holly hedge (natures own barbed wire) and it already has lights in the fence posts so I dont suppose its that far off the mark!

5 Mar, 2009

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