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A big thank you to Terratoonie, Conker and Truffles


for introducing me to the Jean Greenhowe range of knitting patterns. They won a set of The Macpherson Family at a Dog Show and put the photos on GoY last year. I had never heard of Jean Greenhowe.
I was in a sorry state with the invasive virus in a muscle in my back, plus a Vertebrae that had moved.
The Lumbar Muscles control our strength. They stop functioning, we are helpless. I could not balance without my walking stick in the flat.
I hadnt done any knitting for years. Found I could get the Jean Greenhowe patterns from Northampton. Contact is (mention my name)
email Pictures of the toys
are on www.jeangreenhowe.
Carole will supply packs of small balls of different colours by post, to add to left over balls of wool.
I found making the small components each day helped to pass the time whilst I rested my back. Best to sew them up as you go along. Its a therapy that helped me out of trouble.
I made Sidney Slapstick the decorator clown, have to do his ladder again as I hadnt enough straws. He stands on my dressing table and makes me laugh.
It took me 3 months to make him. Next winter I plan to make O Yummy the chef. There are 5 models on the pattern for the £5. Very good value. Carole has the whole range. Thank you Terratoonie !

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Woops, sorry, it was The MacScarecrow Family.
A lot of work went into that.

30 Dec, 2013


Hi Diane, I love her patterns too......
have you seen the christmas books?
I spent a year knitting for a charity craft fair.......look at the reindeer and his little antlers x
and the "little snow folk' I did the ones with the christmas stocking and did different coloured hats.....and put a choc in the stocking....sold like hot cakes
this year I did Mr Twizzle the snowman tramp with odd socks and shoes, darned gloves and snow on his hat! Such fun and as you say do a bit at a time.....
if you follow the pattern everything works beautifully, no-one more suprised than me with the holly leaf....A couple of rows then like a row of button holes..couple more rows....
Its not a holly leaf?
have faith! And fold as described
I'm so pleased you had a go, I find them absorbing, especially when listening to radio 4 extra xxx

30 Dec, 2013


Hello Diane ..
I'm very pleased that seeing my MacScarerow Clan blog inspired you to start knitting again to help you with your convalescence.

Difficult for you trying to do gardening, or anything, with your back problems.

Yes, Pamg does lots of lovely knitting too ... she makes some wonderful items.

It would be interesting if you could add a photo of your Sidney Slapstick to this blog. Sounds like you've done a wonderful job of making him ... and a very comical character too ...

Conker and Truffle send hugs and we all hope you have good health in 2014. xxx

30 Dec, 2013


i looked on the www.jeangreenhowe. site to see the pictures of the toys and loved the little fairy :-) never heard of her before so very pleased you mention :-)
might take a dabble myself when i learn a few basic knitting stitches, my lovely grandma who was did loads of knitting wish i had paid more attention :-( anyhow heres me going on about myself again...
ive appreciated your blog sorry to here of the awful virus
thing :-( and thank you for enlightening me too the kind friends you have.

30 Dec, 2013


This is the blog with the photos of the MacScarecrow Clan ...

30 Dec, 2013


I too am a fan I used them for some years when the family was full of little people. Hope you are on the mend Diane sounds like a painful time.

30 Dec, 2013


I taught myself from a book Jane, mum & gran both knitted & crocheted.......but would I learn!
still mum and friends helped when I first got stuck :0)

try the little toys first and I think its youtube where you can find simple demonstrations.
good luck

30 Dec, 2013


Diane I had no idea you'd been having such a rough time. Its so hard to sit doing nothing when you are used to being busy - knitting must have been a real life saver.
thank you for sharing with us. We'd love to see some pics of your results! Hope 2o14 is better for you.

30 Dec, 2013


Glad to read you have found something to keep you going Diane - my youngest niece has just started to learn to knit. Their school has the local OAP knitting club at the school once a month and it's good for both groups. It's a shame that it's not so popular as it was. Like lots of things I suppose.

30 Dec, 2013


I found these patterns years ago, they are such fun to make arent they?
Hope you are making steady progress Diane. 2014 must be better surely?

30 Dec, 2013


Thank you everyone. I still cant stand up straight, but keep hoping.

31 Dec, 2013


Hope 2014 brings health and happiness Diane x

31 Dec, 2013


Thank you everyone. I have invested in a new bigger
fish tank, as no more travel for me. Everything local.
The gardening knowledge gained over the years is
an interest to still enjoy on Goy. Where are all the people
in USA, South Africa, I was pleased to see the one about the Gooseberry bushes in Melborne.
I used to enjoy reading their blogs.

5 Jan, 2014

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