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This is not about gardening, but may help youngsters


develop as gardeners.
I have sent a note to our M.P. about foster children moving out of foster homes because they are made to take the wheelie bins out for the lorry, and they dislike having to do it. I am disabled and grateful for the lad who does it for me every week. My refuse is always tied securely in bin bags. I pay him £5 a week in a little wage packet marked with his name, the date, and ‘For Books.’
Foster parents are well paid now. These children should be paid properly, as I believe in doing.
Some move to new homes, then are treated the same way
and end up on the streets.
There may be future gardeners among them.
Children dont get all their knowledge from school teachers,
as many seem to believe.
Therefore, if they are required to take the wheelie bins out and return them a proper wage gives them some incentive to stay in a stable environment which supports recycling.
Thats my New Year rant anyway.

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I don't totally agree with you there Diane but glad you got it off your chest.
My view is taking responsibilities for small household chores such as emptying the bins etc is a crucial part of learning how life works. Lots of things need to be done without payment as that oils the wheels of life. I worked with teenagers and I got really fed up with the attitude ' I don't get paid to tidy my work space' or 'why should I wash that, that's what technicians are paid for'.
Some were very anti Europeans 'taking our jobs' but wouldn't under any circumstance pick potatoes/cabbages etc as that was beneath them. Many of them couldn't/didn't want to have any interest in the garden

Both my girls had small doable tasks, filling/emptying dishwasher, peeling potatoes etc that had no financial gain but keeping their rooms tidy did earn them pocket money. My view being if they didn't want to help me with some tasks fine, but don't expect extras. They appreciate the value of items now and look after possessions unlike so many teenagers today.

One of my friends is a foster parent and the funds they get are not to 'pay' the child but to feed/clothe and support the child.

Sorry but that is my rant over .

Happy new year Diane, hope it is a happy and healthy one.

1 Jan, 2019


I don't believe anyone should be paid for doing domestic duties. They need doing so wake up, grow up, and get on with it.

1 Jan, 2019


Sorry Dianne I agree more with Seaburn on this one. Expressing gratitude for things done is only right and encouraging all teens, regardless of whether they are Foster children or your own is always good, giving them a sense of worth. OH and I automatically says thanks for a cup of tea, a passed biscuit plate or whatever - never take anything for granted. As for chores, they should be shared regardless of age, why should one person do it all?
Perhaps it's different for you Dianne, being unable to do that particular chore yourself and no doubt they are grateful.

2 Jan, 2019


I am grateful Honeysuckle ! I am entitled to this service from the well-paid council employees. It was agreed I should receive it. When they found it involved going to the back and up the steps they only did it once. I cant keep the wheelie bins on the front garden as it is trespassing on the garden of the tenant downstairs.
What should I do Mrs Clever ?
If foster children resent being told to do this job for the
board and lodging they know is being paid by the local authority then clear off out to live on the streets who is
a responsible citizen ?
Never mind, maybe someone will take notice of me same as they did about the Poinsiettas, which were in the supermarkets in October last year so didnt die of cold.

2 Jan, 2019


Hywel is obviously not in touch with teenagers these days.
They are very envious, especially about Christmas presents the others get.
There is also the point that placing them in another foster home costs the taxpayer money.
Books especially classics needed for University entrance
are very expensive. My lad's mother is learning carpentry.
She has made him a beautiful bookcase which he will treasure, with his books, eventually.
Good for us all.

3 Jan, 2019


Diane if your bins are meant to be collected and they only did it the once I wonder if you had a different crew on the next time and the directive hadn't got through. Perhaps ring them/email them and ask why the agreed service has been rescinded. Perhaps they don't realise it isn't happening. One of our elderly neighbours 101yrs old this coming February] has her bins collected from the back of her property and returned every time. Several of us in the street offered to do it for her but she was adamant that as she paid her taxes she was going to get her money's worth. it took several months for all the crews to get then message and is done correctly now.

3 Jan, 2019


I wouldnt try. Could stand the worry of it not being done
which is what happened.
Prefer to do it my way. When I was young I was always paid the rate for the job.
If the bins were on the front of the property 40 feet from the grass verge I would pay £2 a week for 2 bins to be put out and fetched in later in the day.
They are in up the steps in the bin area halfway up the garden. So £5 is a fair price, as they are heavy, and
I want them emptying.
End of argument.
But I want the lad to learn to love books, get the best
books, written by the best writers, so I am winning.
I love my classic section books, most from Oxfam !
WEA tutors say the information on Wikipedia is often not correct. Children spend too much time looking at screens . Three opticians have told me they would never have a screen of any kind in their house.

3 Jan, 2019


Hywel is not out of touch with anyone and he still says everyone in the house is responsible for keeping it clean, and that means EVERYONE, including teenagers and foster children ... so grow up wake up and get on with it !

3 Jan, 2019


I agree with Hywel on this. My son has five daughters he's bringing up single handed. Their ages are from nine to seventeen and they all muck in to help from filling the washer to drying, vacuumimg, bins out etc. etc. If he's late from working they will cook. Nothing is done for monetary gain here. Respect is the name of the game and I agree.

3 Jan, 2019


All this comment has been reported. I have asked for
a Foster Children's Charter getting the balance of
household duties right to save the cost of rehoming
absconding unhappy children to the taxpayer.

4 Jan, 2019


I'm sorry you felt the need to "report" comments Dianebulley but people's opinions do differ.

5 Jan, 2019


In view of all this viscious hatred towards children =
particularly Hywel, who should have known better,
I have decided to move on.
Goodbye everybody.
Diane Bulley (Kettering)

6 Jan, 2019


I don't think any of us have a vicious hatred of children Diane. I certainly don't. I worked with 11 -18 yr olds for 35 yrs and had excellent relationships with them. They have to learn responsibility and adults need to show them the way forward.
if you chose to move on I wish you well. your contributions will be missed.

6 Jan, 2019


The current minimum pay rate for under 18 year olds
is £4.20 per hour. From April 2019 it is £4.35 per hour.
Allowing time to wash his hands twice after dealing twice with my wheelie bin I am paying my lad that rate.
So you are all wrong.

12 Jan, 2019

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