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I know I have said this before...........


but this time of year is good for planning your garden.
This morning the repeat of the Diarmid Gavin visit to 3
Irish gardens was very welcome.
With the terrible losses suffered during the July 2018 heatwave his advice was even more relevant to whatever is happening to our climate. “Maybe it wont happen again” is not the right attitude. (Which I have heard many times.)
New members to this site need to think very carefully before going to a Garden Centre and spending hard earned money.
Diarmid said " Choose plants and shrubs that you know will grow well in your local soil depth and weather conditions."
This means study your local plants. Work out your square feet of space. Give each shrub adequate space to grow to full maturity.
Have you saved enough Beech or other leaves to rot down over the winter in your wire netting cage ? It doesnt matter about traffic pollution, if you have got them they are o.k. The rain will wash them.
Plants that have done well this year can be repeated in other colours and grouped together. They have done well because they like your soil.
Think about Diarmid Gavin. Measure your garden. Make
your plan during the cold days before Spring.
You will be glad you did.
Diane Bulley

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Hi Diane, sound advice there, regarding the ''it might not happen'' comment, it will definitely happen, and there's nothing we can do to stop it happening, no matter what ''environmental levy'' the government make us pay, it's part of a cycle, Earth warms up, cools down,warms up etc, this will be the eighth time Earth has warmed up, that we know about, so who or what do they blame for the other seven times, we weren't here, so it couldn't be our fault, I think it's just another way of collecting tax, and will make no difference, Derek.

9 Dec, 2018


p.s. The leaves are to keep for mulching round the roots-
helps to retain moisture.

9 Dec, 2018


Yes they re wonderful. (Unless they are full of sycamore and ash seeds like ours -heigh ho, more weeding!)

9 Dec, 2018


In Austria when they are going to plant trees in public parks they plant Apple Trees. Really sensible. Worth
thinking about when designing a back garden. There are some small rooted varieties.

10 Dec, 2018


That's a very good idea. Reminds me of Johnny Appleseed.

10 Dec, 2018


As you know, Diane, not much we can do about our garden. It's established and changes will only be made by new owners.

Guess your garden is all prepared for next year and the year after!! :O)

(Near our pond we do have a small apple tree and a cherry though the latter has still to bear fruit. )

11 Dec, 2018


What I am thinking is that if any members have ideas that young gardeners just beginning can use easily, please put them into this column. They may find help in good advice.
Mine has been for many years ...........Never pick up anything twice. Save your back.
Always take a small bucket when tidying your garden, put all recyclable weeds in for the compost bin. Take a small box for stones that have come to the surface with last winter rains, find a use for them. Its an easy way of working the ground as you go along - when the weather warms up.
This time of year there are usually unsaleable plants waiting at the Garden Centre for new owners, at low prices. Remember, everything grows ! Give them space and a drink, watch them reward you in the Spring.

12 Dec, 2018


My advice would be try not to buy plants in winter online. I’ve bought quite a few dead plants this way, and its frustrating and annoying even if you do get a refund. Wait till spring!

12 Dec, 2018


Good advice ! I have collected a few bags of leaves from the little road behind my garden. I think they take about a year to decompose into leaf mould.

13 Dec, 2018

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