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Time of year again


Well it’s that time of year again, just lying in bed listening to the wind and rain batter against the bedroom window. The forecast has given 60mph south south west winds for the Plymouth area and having a south facing garden this direction is probably the worst for me. Over the years the fence panels have taken most of the brunt of the winds, one particular year I think I lost about 10 panels. I have now put in diagonal supports on the posts which has helped.
Have just been out the garden now to let the dog out and had a quick inspection on the flowers I still had in bloom and it looks like the vases will be full up tomorrow morning still can’t moan because if we have nice weather in the summer it more than makes up for these little setbacks, just that digging out the concrete and resetting the fence posts and new panels tends to cheer me back pains up no end 😁😁
The result after last Friday nights little breeze

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so far just lots of rain here. so lets hope you get away with no damage.

26 Oct, 2019


I hope the weather has calmed down for you now and there was no damage to your fences. It has been rather rough hasn't it.

27 Oct, 2019


I like this for the optimism! Couldn't imagine having fencing panels to worry about when the wind blows, at least with my wild hedges it's very rare that anything blows over. But I do remember from my youth (decades ago) that my Father had huge greenhouses which would shed glass in high winds and also remember being in them while the wind was still blowing picking up glass from amongst the tomatoes - not a thought about safety in those days, only the crop!

27 Oct, 2019


It is a strange thing the British weather. Here in Glasgow we had a terrible summer with continual rain. It was depressing. Now in October we are having lovely weather, cold but sunshine every day.

27 Oct, 2019


Well got away with that little storm lightly, just a bit of plant damage, still won’t be long before I chop everything thing back, probably be sooner if we get any more of those poor forecasts

27 Oct, 2019


Agree with Honeysuckle about hedges. Its so depressing to wake up to a broken fence (been there, done that). We are south-west facing too, with little shelter to break the wind between us and the sea and although our hedge is clipped Leylandii (no we didn't plant it)well past its sell by date at least it doesn't blow over. Would love to replace it but it would cost a fortune as we'd have to have someone to remove it first, being a bit decrepit or work like that..

30 Oct, 2019


As I don't have a "garden" like most on GoY, I don't have to worry about fences or hedges but the wind also causes havoc from time to time on our balcony! This year was one of the worst I can remember in the 18 years we have lived in this flat for winds! They practically destroyed my Begonias in pots on top of the balcony railings & the Morning Glory I had climbing up strings from the railings also faired very badly this year with few flowers & poor growth & having the string snap or the leaves torn to sheds.

With a cold, very wet October, especially for this corner of East Anglia, (just 20 miles from Cambridge, we are in the driest region of the UK), many of my Geraniums suffered badly & leaf disorders have been rampant! They have hated this weather! At least the winds don't bother them very much.

30 Oct, 2019


Looks like round two tonight, just seen the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, up to 80mph south west gusts, been out and checked the fence, hopefully all secure but don't hold out much hope for my remaining blooms, will see what we are left with tomorrow afternoon.

1 Nov, 2019


Yes, I've seen a yellow warning on the Met app that warns of high winds in your area. The yellow warning affects our area as well but we are right on the north east border of the warning zone. Even so we have already had some wind this morning & the leaves from the row of trees in our road have been flying down the street (& into our balcony!) We have also had a heavy shower & more is forecast but I doubt it will be anything like what you might experience!

Hope things turn out OK for you! :)

2 Nov, 2019


Autumn has been slow to arrive in the Chilterns this year but yesterday was so wet and windy I expected much of the glorious colour to have gone this morning. We had the usual debris in the woods and a tree down across the road at the steep end but my greenhouse and fences are still intact, and about half of the trees are still yellowy green .... winter hasn't arrived yet! I hope southern coastal areas of the UK have fared well too.

3 Nov, 2019

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