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End of April already


So here we are nearly at the end of April, been a bit of an up and down sort of year so far, January my wife Kim had her scan results back and they found two new lesions on her brain. She had to undergo targeted radiotherapy which will hopefully sort it out.On the plus side she had her scan results on her body last week and there is no change, but just to kick you right in the teeth on the same day our eldest daughter got told the lump in her breast was a malignancy and she will need an operation. They have told her that it is a very common treatable malignancy so fingers crossed there.
Anyway to the garden, as always went a bit daft with the plant ordering, lots of new dahlia’s and quite a few other plants have gone in, things are just starting to come to life nowso hopefully in a few weeks will start seeing the benefits of a bit of colour.
The photos that i have posted are a mixmatch from what has gone on in the garden so far this year, a recent trip to rosemoor and a trip to wisley, which i was lucky to do as i had to join a ship which was only forty miles from the gardens. Wisley is a beautiful garden but think i prefer rosemoor as you dont get the sheer volume of people there. If you want to know the names of any of the plants in the photos just put it in a comment and hopefully i will be able to answer

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Very sorry to hear about the family's health problems Davy- here's hoping for good outcomes in the coming months. It must be so hard for you being separated at times like this.
On a more cheerful note, your photos are terrific - would make lovely notelets or part of a calendar...

28 Apr, 2021


Sorry to hear about the family ill health but at least it has been identified and getting treatment.

I prefer Rosemoor to Wisley too and as you say its less busy.
lovely photos.

28 Apr, 2021


I agree that your pics would make good cards or calenders. The close-ups are fantastic!
I prefer Rosemoor to Wisley but my favourite is Harlow Carr, well worth a visit if you're that far North. Your own garden is full of interesting areas and super plants. I think the acer is a cracker.
I send all good wishes to your family.

28 Apr, 2021


Sorry to hear, Davey, about the health problems in your family but hope they will be sorted soon & you can put them behind you! πŸ‘

Your photos are extraordinary! The roses are rather early flowering so soon & in such abundance! πŸ˜‚ Perhaps in Cornwall the weather is milder than here as we have had lots of frosty mornings this month!

I love the colour of the Acer as well!

29 Apr, 2021


Thank you very much for all your lovely comments, much appreciated, just a quick one for balcony, the third one down are camellias and the rest apart from the crocus are rhododendrons, it’s amazing walking around gardens just to see how many varieties there are and yes they do look like roses :)

29 Apr, 2021


Sorry Davy! I rather "jumped the gun" there! πŸ˜‚

30 Apr, 2021


Lovely photos of all the blossom. The Camellias & Rhodos beautiful. I wasn't sure at first whether it was all your garden, that is until I recognised a pic of Wisley. I have visited Rosemoor once, a long time ago. Unfortunately I had a horrendous attack of hay fever in a part of the garden where they left the grass uncut, had to leave & drive to the coast,Appledore, where it gradually subsided.
Apart from that I found the garden enchanting.

30 Apr, 2021


Lovely photos Davey and couldn't say which was my favourite as they all were! Unfortunately we are too far from any of these gardens on the east coast.
I am so sorry to hear about your wife and daughter's health problems and hope they both recover well from them!
My thoughts are with you and think it's time you had some good news now!

3 May, 2021


Beautiful photos Davey thanks for sharing and I do send positive thoughts to your family and hope that their health problems can be sorted soon.

4 May, 2021

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