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May in the garden


So that funny little bright thing in the sky has made an appearance and the sky has gone a strange colour of blue rather than the grey wet look, it’s nice.
The last few months has been a bit of a slog, wearing in the new hip and trying to come to terms with the loss of Kim but this change in the weather certainly helps
Been quite busy outside weather permitting, new fence panels, a load of old that will burn, I am sorting through the plant pots and containers, a few for the tip I recon. The garden looks a bit like a building site, but things are at last starting to happen.
The acers are looking good apart from the one I lost, the purple one was only about a metre when I first got it. The viburnum is well in bloom and the rhododendrons are just starting to flower, geums and alliums are going well and really pleased with the buds on the peonies. I have a version called bartzella which produces big blousy yellow fragrant blooms which look lovely, even the Hosta’s have managed survive the slug and snail onslaught and produced foliage, other things are happening so will see how go over next few weeks. Since I returned from sea, I must admit I went a bit mad ordering some new flowers which I said I wasn’t going to do, but sat bored you can’t seem to help yourself :) :), anyway hope you like the pictures

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well the garden doesn't look bad at all. Some lovely shrubs etc.
As for buying plants I am just as bad.

9 May, 2024


A really interesting set of photos, Davey. Lovely acers and snowball viburnum. I think you get to a point in the garden when you're making changes, where you can't see the wood for the trees but you suddenly come to the turning point where it comes together (hopefully in the way you wanted it to!) I'm sure the new purchases will look good.

9 May, 2024


I'm pleased you're getting out in your garden, Davey, hoping you're keeping well after the big hip op? You've had a very difficult time with Kim's passing and then.your own health suffering. Thankfully you have family support.
I'm loving all the colours and shapes in your garden. It's so vibrant and filled with much interest. I do like your pond, you will many lily flowers, I expect!
Remember, take it easy, don't be pushing yourself too hard! But, enjoy the lovely sunshine!

9 May, 2024


Wonderful photos Davey. I am so sorry that you have lost Kim. I second Kate’s comments above. Be very, very kind
to yourself x

9 May, 2024


Lovely to have a look at what's growing & flowering in your garden at present, Davey! You have lots of lovely Acers & shrubs, etc. which all look nice & healthy!

Take care of your health & remember to take it easy, you have all summer ahead to enjoy working in it as well as sitting back sometimes & admiring God's handiwork in nature.

9 May, 2024


Nice to see photos of your garden, even the pile of wood lol. It seems quite a large garden ...
I like your flag :)
Two things I know from experience you'll never be able to do - get used to being without Kim, and buying plants.
Make the most of the nice weather and enjoy your plants, it all helps :)

10 May, 2024


Really enjoyed the tour of your garden. It must be quite big to have so many lovely plants in it. I’m glad you are getting out in it again & managing to do some gardening. As everyone has said, take it easy, don’t go too mad. Sorry about your loss. Keep positive, our gardens are great help.

10 May, 2024


lol I meant you'll never STOP buying plants :D

10 May, 2024


Thank you all for your lovely comments, yes, the garden is quite big when you take in the front and the back the advantage of buying an ex local authority house when they were not so mean with land.
you are also right when it seems impossible to stop buying flowers, but it keeps it interesting :):) and the first lot arrived today, calibrachoa for the baskets
I think three of us lost our partners last year and your caring comments towards us all has been very comforting.
on another note, I visited rosemoor today, if you like rhododendrons watch this space

10 May, 2024


What’s the last pic Davey? It’s gorgeous!

10 May, 2024


Will find out for you Karen, did know but have forgotten, think I have the tag or bill somewhere or it may come back

10 May, 2024


Hi again Karen it’s called red damask

10 May, 2024


I thought so…Leptosermum scoparium ‘Red Damask’ A Mediterranean style plant, although I think it’s from NewZealand. I think I must have this! lol!

11 May, 2024


I seem to have missed this one Davey!
Your garden looks great and I love all the quirky things especially how you have made that planter look like a boat!
I love it!
I am pleased you are enjoying being out in your garden now.
It helps, doesn't it. I still miss Rick and don't suppose that will ever get better, but I feel he is with me all the time.
I often wonder how you are getting on.
I love your garden and like Karen, love that last plant!
I hope you are not overdoing it with your new hip.
Take care and stay positive!

15 May, 2024


Hi Rose, hope all is as well as it can be with yourself, thanks for the lovely comments and yep I think your so right where I don't think we will ever get over missing them, think when you have been together for so long you just become part of each other, all we do is manage it as best as we can x

15 May, 2024


You are so right Davey! My daughter is taking me to Croatia in a week and I will miss Rick not being with me.
Well..saying that, he is always with me! x

17 May, 2024

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