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I thought I had posted yesterday


By csarina


Obviously not.

Hearing the sound of a hedge cutter OH went out into the garden, Our neighbour’s gardener was cutting the laurel hedge between us which had gone nad since we had all the rain. Its a job we were going to do. We needed to get DD1 to come and scalp it for us.

C was having a problem reaching the top of the hedge, so she came round to do it from our side and cut our side too, good job well done, the shady,damp bed now has a bit more light.

A good job done, she also put the basket for the mower together for us, I had struggled with it on Monday, 2 minutes and it was finish, so now we can play with the new mower.

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We had a laurel hedge in our last garden. It was so tall we used to have to pay someone to cut it twice every year. We used to pay also for the neighbours side to be cut and taken away at the same time. Hubby had done that every year since he had moved into the house. One year the company wasn't doing so well so we missed a year as we couldn't afford it so our neighbours paid for their side and only half way across the top to be done, not even all across the top! That year a fox had taken one of my dog toys we think through the hedge so my neighbour had thrown it back over right into the middle of a wooden framed octagonal greenhouse roof smashing all 8 glass panels. He refused to pay for it the be mended. Lets just say we didn't talk to them much after that. You are lucky to have good neighbours. Enjoy your playing with your new mower. :-)

6 Jul, 2016


Goodness, I bet you're glad you moved away from those neighbours. some can be so petty.

6 Jul, 2016


You bet. Think what upset us is we had tried to be good neighbours. I fed their cat everytime they went on holiday, took their bins out and back when they were on holiday. Still talk to the other side. She was a very keen gardener and had a very long garden. It was arms housing and her only tap was up by the house and one day talking to hubby he realised she was carrying water the whole lengh. Hubby went over, with her consent and put in a water barrel her side, half way down her garden next to our garage and connected a overflow pipe from our rain barrel. As said we tried to be good neighbours but think some people just take.

6 Jul, 2016


I don't suppose being like that made them very happy people...

6 Jul, 2016


A very nice, neat job.

6 Jul, 2016


It doesn't cost anything to be a good neighbour - mine are great :)
(Hope there were no birds nesting in there?).

7 Jul, 2016

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