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What is this???


By csarina


This plant is growing near the fence. I am not sure what it is, I do not think I have planted it, so could it be a weed…..

Any ideas???

The flowers are a pinky mauve colour

Hope this is a slightly better picture of the leaves.

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It looks like Aster, possibly 'Eastern Star.'

3 Apr, 2017


I cant work it out Csarina.......I don't particularly recognise it but, I cant see the foliage clearly on th PC screen. Te flowers are a bit like a Marguerite, aren't they?

3 Apr, 2017


is this in flower now?

3 Apr, 2017


Yes Seaburngirl, I took the photos yesterday.

4 Apr, 2017


do you have Kalmeris? some of mine throw the odd flower out in spring. can you get a clear view of the leaves?

4 Apr, 2017


This is a bit early for Asters is it not? The flower is similar..

4 Apr, 2017

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