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By csarina


We were out for a good part of yesterday, but the sun was still shining when we got home, so a quick cup of tea and out we went. OH to cut the grass, me to weed those front beds.

The ground was flat and as hard as iron on the top despite watering. I ised a trowel and managed to complete about 6 feet before my back and shoulders told me it was time to pack in.

Late in the evening we had a hailstone shower, the front grass was white and the plants beaten into submission. I had house jobs to do so OH went out and carried on with the borders. The rain had really flattened the ground. There is one piece by my neighbours garden which is full of what looks like aquilegia, I am leaving them to see what develops, if they are aquilegia I will pot some of them up and see what happens.

This afternoon OH has finished planting out the tomatos, it has been a nice day, but seems to be clouding over. OH cannot make his mind whether to go out and water the plants in….if it rains he will not have to.

There are lots of buds coming on plants, we discovered several we do not have any idea what they are, it will be a case of wait and see.

The plant in the front we did not know what it was is no more, its been dug out and left to dry off. OH will burn it.

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