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By csarina


In bed all day yesterday, did get up for my supper but was soon back in bed pushing paracetamol down me. Feel slightly better this morning, I did manage to make a pot of soup at lunch time. Cooked gammon ham and salad for supper courtesy of OH.

I have to be up and running by Monday we have a funeral to go to.

OH is now complaining they there is no room left for his veggies, the beds are rather full, we look as if we might get a reasonable crop pf strawberries if we get some sun, quite a lot of flowers, but its quite cold and we have had some drizzle too.

As soon as I am fit it will be war on weeds in the front, OH did squirt a dandelion that was growing on the root of a rose with weed killer, it seems to have done the trick, it is shrivelling up nicely.

Has any one used one of those things you shove down into a weed, twist and pull the weed out. I might buy one for OH its his birthday next month, some feedback would be gratefully recieved.

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Hope you feel well again soon! Yes, I have one of those tools to remove weeds and its a godsend for lawn dandelions. Not much use for spreading weeds like daisies, but when we moved in here my grass was a mass of docks and dandelions, and that tool was perfect for removing them.

21 May, 2016


Yes, I have two different types and they work very well since they bring the whole weed up taproot and all. They are great for small gardens and lawns.

22 May, 2016

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