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what a welcome



Things move quick on here. No sooner had I joined, then I received umpteen welcomes. Thank you!

Then, I’d hardly finished uploading my fotos and I had numerous comments.

I’ve also had various suggestions……….as to what to do with my slugs.

I think I’m going to enjoy being on here.


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im sure you will enjoy this site crystaltips, ive made some great friends on here, its so friendly

28 May, 2008


Yes dear sister, and for once I was first, so there !!

28 May, 2008


Do hope so, Crystal,it's nice to have you with us! Looking forward to seeing your photos.

28 May, 2008


Maybe you'll get like me ( and some others no doubt ) - I don't feel right unless I've visitsd the site twice a day.

29 May, 2008


I think most GOY members don't feel right if they haven't visited the site - I certainly realised that when the site was not working recently.

29 May, 2008


oh i love it here!! Sometimes you people have me rolling round the floor laughing!! like right now!!

29 May, 2008


welcome crystal. you are right everyone makes you feel like you belong to 1 big family, try to get on it every day. It does'nt matter what you talk about even though its gardening there is always someone to talk to, everyone is so friendly.

29 May, 2008


Bar's open, anyone like a drink ?

30 May, 2008


well, what a warm welcome.

I hope I can frequent the site as often as I am doing, once I get back to work. My job is term time and I LOVE the holidays. I'm looking forward to the big one in about 7 weeks (who's counting!?)

The sun is blessing us today and I may persuade my mom to take me a trip to the garden centre. I have very little space left in my garden, but I can't help it.

There are a few things that sit in front of others, but now they are grown I realise they should be seated at the back. When is it safe to remove them to a better position?

tara a bit


31 May, 2008

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