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I spot a slug and trace its steps back to the juicy leaf of sedum; of which I would myself indulge, if I were it.
I peruse the damage and seek vengeance~ tarring every slug with the same brush and reeking havoc on the slug community and all it holds dear.
Demolition derby~ job done.

I sleep well.

I spot a slug and trace its steps back to the leaf of the vibratious red lobelia; of which I would snuggle myself if I were it.
I peruse the damage and seek vengeance~ thou shalt not take the vibrancy away from my garden.
Bish bosh bash~ the slug has been mashed.

I sleep well.

I spot a slug and trace its steps back to my blooming hosta. If only I could find my blooming hosta! It was here last night when I went to bed and now it’s gone and all that’s left is Sidney slug’s sloppy seconds.
Well, glug glug, glug, goes Sid the Slug~ you should’ve taken swimming lesons shouldn’t yer?!

I sleep well that night.

had an unsettled night and not in the mood for slug patrol.
Me thinx, anyway, they got the message & will tell all their friends on SLUGFACEBOOK not to go near Jen’s garden ever, ever, and forever again.

not feeling too good. Not feelin sociable.

below par. Under the weather~ call it what you like.

all hot ‘n’ sweaty & despite my feelings of late, I have the urge to venture out into my garden of which i hold so dear……the sedums; juicy leaves of which are in abundance. The hostas;can’t get enough of ‘em and the simple ambience that is inclusive of nature’s garden anywhere~ embracing all and sundry… I venture out.

Loving the sedums.

I’m in no rush; I’m enjoying the new & slow pace that I have found myself adopting/adapting.

Feeling slugggish actually……..

……..oh, oh! ………..

……….something BIG is coming to get me……

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That will be me with the salt if you're a slug :-)

15 Sep, 2008


A good week's slug-hunting. Serves them right! Shame about the nightmares! Blame Andrew.

15 Sep, 2008


I love it when others join your dream

15 Sep, 2008


or your nightmare

15 Sep, 2008


depends on your outlook?!

15 Sep, 2008


Crystaltips, can i ask you if when you slither... sorry walk, you have a slime trail??? or are you suddenly fancying the leaves of flowers in the garden... mmmm this might be slugitus and needs to be treated soon, watch out for people named Andrewr, you can spot them as they carry a white substance called salt, just keep on taking the pills .....


16 Sep, 2008


BB will join you, he's on medication too! I rather suspect that TT is as well... ;-)

16 Sep, 2008


You really have got it bad Silvertrail ........ Oh oh sorry Crystaltips !!

16 Sep, 2008


So sorry Crystaltips but you in direct line from here to Somerset/Avon and seems like slugs are replenshing themselves before heading to Spritz and Grenville.

Hopefully Daff right and this a temporary case of slugitis.I fear (?) it may be the more serious condition of slugrophobia.In the first instance you must go on a salt free diet resist all attempts to make nocturnal visits to your garden - crush egg shells and sprinkle them by your back door each evening .

If symptoms persist you may require intensive therapy and this involves watching re - runs of Trail and Retribution
not pleasant I know but you need to purge yourself of the underlying feelings of hostility and subsequent guilt you may be experiencing.I also provide a counselling service to anyone afflicted by garden pests at

16 Sep, 2008



16 Sep, 2008


What next. What a crazy world GOY is, slugs and snails, toads and frogs. We'll have puppy dogs tails next.

16 Sep, 2008


Chrispook : how about guls ? ........
slug going backwards.

But maybe don't destroy all slugs:

Dictionary definition 8. Slug ~
a gold coin of California, privately issued in 1849 and for some time after, worth 50 dollars.

Dictionary definition 12. Slug ~ a shot of liquor taken neat.

but finally, my favourite :

Dictionary definition 10. Slug ~
Physics - a unit of mass, equivalent to approximately 32.2 pounds and having the property that a force of one pound acting upon a mass of this unit produces an acceleration of one foot per second per second.

quick Bonkers......the medication......

16 Sep, 2008


Very entertaining blog! Enjoyed immensely. :)

16 Sep, 2008


I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

16 Sep, 2008


Clueless ~
Please bring back some Wensleydale for Gromit.

17 Sep, 2008


Definately NO GREEN SLUGS Clueless , they would be to well disguised !!!!

17 Sep, 2008


I'll bring back some more magic mushrooms for Crystaltips...

17 Sep, 2008

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