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Good afternoon.

I’ve been itching for ages, to tidy my garden up and as I’ve a week off work I am determined to get it sorted come rain or shine. Most likely rain!!

I share a privet with my neighbour and it’s like a show jumping fence; massively wide and tall. I must admit, at five foot small, I struggle to keep it down. The fact that my neighbour does nothing to it, doesn’t help.

I’m usually up quite early in the morning and go on, what I call, ‘slug patrol’. I’m not a cruel girl, but they are a bloody nuisance. Even so, I would like to dispose of them humanely. Any suggestions?

I’ll be posting some of my photos soon. hope you take time to view them.


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Hi Crystal: As far as I am concerned there is no humanely way of getting rid of those nasty creatures failing a very quick demise by cutting them in half. I still use an old pastic container with salt and dump them in, that way I can't see what is going on, then I focus on something else that is more pleasant. Blooms

28 May, 2008


Welcome by the way.... Blooms

28 May, 2008


Thank you, Blooms, for a speedy welcome.

I think there might be abit of a Buddhist in me, coz I'm thinking these cratures have as much right to be in my garden as I do.
And I worry that when I snuff it, I might return as a slug and be salted.

Maybe I should just sling 'em over a neighbours garden.The ideal candidate would be she that allows the hedge to grow and grow and GROW!


28 May, 2008


Hi Crystal,I'm of the same opinion as you as far as slugs are concerned.Have you got any waste land or untended gardens nearby?If so collect your slugs and snails and liberate them there.I get rid of mine in the field across the road in the safe knowledge that they are very unlikely to find their way back.

28 May, 2008


Thank you Mcmneil.

I have a fair few fields (try saying that when you've had a couple!) nearby. I would sleep at night having done that. I'm becoming a softie in my old age, me thinx.


28 May, 2008


Welcome to GOY, Crystal. Slugs and snails are an absolute MENACE, aren't they. I am afraid that when I find them, they are sent for a swim in the stream. Then I try to forget them... I do intend to buy copper bands for when I replace the three new Clematis they munched on three times despite trying to protect the poor plants. I was upset particularly about the one called 'Henryii' bought because our Labrador is Henry! Well, wouldn't you be?

28 May, 2008


Hi, I am no fan of slugs although I am of Hedgehogs and frogs etc. So I dont use any pellets but when I find them I (keep a small knife in my greenhouse) slice them in two. Leaving them for everyone that does enjoy the odd slug or two..

28 May, 2008


I like to blindfold the slugs, take them about 100 yards away, and spin them around until they're disorientated so they can't find their way back. Or, I just put them on the bird feeder.....

28 May, 2008


PMSL...Cluelesskev. Zen or no...slugs are always with us if we garden...You may just be undergoing a plague time and if you pick them religiously (ha) and dispose of them so that they can't should lessen your problem significantly, (How bout dumping them into a container of warm water and then flushing) (seems less punitive than salt..) ahem... pick and dispose that's my suggestion..they love stoney cracks and crevices and leave trails so you can trace their travels...leave bait...(upside down grapefruit rinds) collect the culprits in the a.m. or go out with flashlight after dark... birds and pets might sample try deportation first. good luck.

29 May, 2008

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