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Say that again?


As much as I would like to, I cannot take full credit for the following. A different version was published anonymously in Titbits magazine, sometime in the mid fifties. I thought it might give some of you a giggle.

This is the tale of two gardeners; Bill Shott and Ted Nott. They were neighbours. One summer morning, Bill went into his garden, only to find a large ornamental pot lying in shattered fragments on the path.
Seeing Ted Nott also out in his garden, Shott called out “Have you shot my pot, Nott, you rotter?”
Nott swore he had not shot Shott’s pot. Convinced Nott was lying, Shott shot off indoors. Minutes later he returned.
Taking careful aim with a catapult he took a pot shot at Nott’s pot. The shot hit the pot, ricocheted, and shot Nott. The pot was shot, and the shot Shott shot shot Nott. Nott and pot were shot, Shott was not. Notwithstanding, if Shott had not shot Nott’s pot, Nott would not be shot.

Bye bye. Me gone.

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Rotflmao! Oh my let me get my breath back and put me chair straight oooooh thats better. That was really funny I couldnt stop giggling that is along the same lines as the Drunken Noddy sketch but I cannot remember who it was who did that I just know it was one of 'The Comedians'
Thanks Bbb

16 Jun, 2009


Glad you liked it, Bob.

16 Jun, 2009


Why did I think it was going to get messy with a need for handkerchiefs or even handkerchieves?
The tale was just asking for a mix up with the names and Nott getting snotty with Shott or vice versa.
Would you believe it the Spell check is at it again!

Sorry to lower the tone.....

16 Jun, 2009



16 Jun, 2009


good tongue twister that i wont be able to say. made me smile after a very hard day.

16 Jun, 2009


that was good

16 Jun, 2009


Liked this nice to smile as reading it from 2B to not 2B .

16 Jun, 2009

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