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New plants from the post!


I ordered a few little plants from ebay recently; and was feeling a bit pessimistic exactly what I would be receiving – but I shouldn’t have worried!

Each plant was delightful, well established and looking beautiful. Considering they were only a pound each (exc p and p of course). They were: 2 feverfew plants (for a pound!) a stipa tenuissima, a rose campion, a pheasant grass and two quaking grasses – briza media I think it is called. Very exciting! Also sowed some rhubarb – the other two were damaged in the ‘greenhouse/wind incident’, and sowed some dill, thyme and re-potted my red campion, which is now budding.

Apart from my family and friends, I couldn’t think of anything as wonderful as gardening. It – to use an awful probably American phrase – ticks all the boxes. Healthy, calming, exciting, thrilling, devasting, frustrating! When I started digging in my garden this year; trying to find something to take away the dreadful deadened feeling of depression hanging over me; I picked up a fork and started digging. It wasn’t an immediate recovery, it probably never will, but for some reason it gave me a few minutes, then hours, to distract me from how terrible I felt. Somehow, it felt right, though I had no idea what I was doing! Then I started looking into books, and started buying plants – carefully chosen plants that not only were sturdy and that could make new plants, by dividing or using cuttings, for once in my life I was taking care of something, not immediately, but slowly and carefully. This is what I have never done in my life. I have never taken care of myself, slowly and carefully. My feelings, like the garden, were burgeoning with love and understanding. I was realising that I could not take away my depression immediately; like a plant I needed to nurture myself, to take care of myself, to cosset and love myself, slowly and carefully. After years of pushing myself to get ‘better’, years of desperation because I didn’t get better immediately, I found that the garden was teaching me to be patient, to understand that all takes time, and all comes at the right time, when you accept and let go of the feeling of sadness and despair.

Well on that philosophical note; it is time for lunch! Must have another little look at my little tiny plants, and another little peek at my lovely, tiny courgette! I also received another catalogue from Thompson&Morgan today, must have a little look – perhaps they have astrantia on sale……

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My courgettes in my greenhouse have started to flower this week too. It's so exciting to see the little courgettes form ..... you can tell I haven't grown them before :)

I bought 7 dwarf rhods from an Ebay nursery (worsleygardencentre1020) a couple of months ago. I was VERY impressed at how healthy they were, how well packaged they were. They were only little and in 9cm pots (hence why they there only a coupl of quid each) but hey, they'll grow. I would have been £7-10 each if I bought them in the GC, so 7 for the price of 2!!! Hope it's ok to give them a 'plug' I would buy from them again!

25 May, 2011


That was lovely aneagillis, I find the garden the best therapy and anti-depressant treatment :-)

I buy many of my plants and seeds on ebay (most actually), and been happy every time. To happy, it's addicting! ;->>

25 May, 2011


It certainly is therapeutic work out in the garden, you don't have time to stress, well unless it is about a dying plant or a rabbit attack. I am beginning to even cope with that as well, I will especially cope if I see the little blighter in my live catcher though. lol. Laughter is also a good destresser Aneagillis, I went to watch John Bishop live with oh last weekend, I lmso. he was absolutely brilliant, I felt so much better over the weekend for all that laughter. It is good you have an outlet for yourself, we all need to look after ourselves.

25 May, 2011


That could have been me writing some of your blog, as I too have gone through a difficult time since last September, but I can honestly say as soon as I was able to do some gardening this spring, I started to feel better, think more positive and have pleasure again in the nature world. Must say you had a bargain there with the plants from ebay, really never thought at looking for plants there.
So keep your chin up and get lots of pleasure in your garden. Take care!

25 May, 2011


Yes please do take care of yourself, and go gently. 'Rome wasn't built in a day' as the saying goes. Slowly but surely the dark cloud will lift and the sun will shine for you :) Enjoy your garden. It will help you ...

26 May, 2011

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