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Bit of rain - and the wind is back!!


Got a water butt yesterday, one day there might be some rain! Funny old day, windy, sunny, rainy, bit of everything really!

Now it is very dark and gloomy, perhaps we will get a massive storm and will fill my new water butt with lots of lovely rainwater!!

I am trying to keep a regular blog this year to keep myself stimulated as well as a good record for myself to see how I am doing – with gardening; and my emotional balance as well! Of course, there are days when it is gloomy (like today) but there are always things to get on with, pricking out lettuces (which I did this morning before the wind came back!); watering (a constant battle!), staking, tying-in – and also, just sitting down in the sun and enjoy what you have managed to achieve in five months! The ‘perennial’ border; the left side of the garden is starting to look really good; I planted quite a lot of nicotiana alata and corncockle around the place; it looks less bare than it was.

The good thing about plants is that most of them are green, so really it doesn’t matter if you put a red rose next to an orange poppy – the green is the focal point, there are just patches of colour around the place. I really don’t know what I am doing – I just like certain plants and they go wherever; obviously the taller ones go at the back, the tiny ones in the front, but I haven’t got an ‘eye’ yet for style – in fact I don’t think I ever will! I just like a garden full of lovely plants, like a cottage where everything looks random, but in fact it is not! I am enjoying my plants, I look at them, I stroke them (only when I’m alone!), I smell them, I admire them. I am fascinated by their beauty and architecture, I could stare at an astrantia for hours!

This is the delight of gardening and plants. They give you so much pleasure, and of course the tragedy when you lose a beloved plant, there is always a spot now to plant something new. My hands are constantly muddy, as well as my feet as I tend to forget footwear, and I end up wearing flip-flops – but there is something delightful for me seeing my feet constantly covered with wonderful, magical soil, like keeping sand on your feet after a wonderful day at the seaside…..

I do have a bath once in a while (!) but my hands have become such magical tools to produce such beauty, I care little about manicures. I feel sad, when I see people who have restricted themselves by polish and fake nails – like the women in China having their feet bound, to prove their wealth. Soil is such a wonderful thing!

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We're having delightful torrents of rain currently, first in weeks, thank heavens, just did a blog about it. Like the boot planting, but really, gardening without footwear or in flip flops! Extremely dangerous and ill advised - I've lost count of the number of times I've nearly put my fork through the toe of my boots, and I really hope you don't use any electrical kit without wearing at least trainers. I've already lost 2 people over the years to electrocution from lawnmower accidents, both not wearing appropriate footwear, one a very good friend in Holland... the other not someone working for me - that I would not allow. Take care now...

26 May, 2011


I'm surprised I haven't killed myself yet! I am very careful with electricity tho.

26 May, 2011


I'm surprised I haven't killed myself yet! I am very careful with electricity tho.

26 May, 2011


Your blog is oh so true - like you my finger nails are a thing of the past but who cares ? However, I do scrub my nails after I've been gardening because I once got thread worms which I was told by my doctor came from gardening, so I make sure my hands are very clean now after I've finished.

I love your wellies - the dianthus are really pretty in them.

26 May, 2011


Terra will want them for her wellie blog, they look lovely. I like your attitude to your gardening and plants although I do agree with Bamboo about your footwear ( says she who hasn`t always been sensible)
I hide my hands sometimes when out and about as they do suffer when I`m gardening, just cannot get on with gloves, they`re more hindrance than help.
You got your waterbutt just in time, I`m watching my grass turning green and the frogs going walkabout across the garden, lol...Very nice photo`s and interesting read......

26 May, 2011


My hands are awful too - they look like the hands of a 90 year old woman. I sometimes think all the scrubbing after gardening is as bad for them as the gardening itself, not to mention the hours I must have spent digging out thorns and prickles, but I hate using gloves all the time as well. A good handcream, though expensive, is Crabtree and Evelyn's Gardeners Handcream, best one I've found.

26 May, 2011


I think most of us if were honest dont like wearing gloves, you just cant get the feel of things somehow.One little tip is to lightly moisten the palms of your hands with hand cream then drag your nails across it so that the cream gets under your nails - do this before you start your gardening, then when your finished wash your hands and the dirt comes away from under your nails.
Love your blog looks as if your doing well in your garden.

26 May, 2011


I was told once to stick my nails in a softish bar of soap, filling them up with it prior to starting. It probably works, but I can't stand the feel of it...

26 May, 2011


There's nothing like muddy hands ( and feet lol)
I like your way of thinking - just plant anything anywhere. I am the same. It's less stressful and gives a 'cottagy' feel to the place.

28 May, 2011

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