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Blame Carol Klein!


I really shouldn’t be allowed to get close to ebay – I’ve ordered another lot of delightful plants! They are:

POTENTILLA RECTA SULPHUREA, POTENTILLA NEPALENSIS HELEN JANE, ERYNGIUM TRIPARTITUM SEA HOLLY and COREOPSIS ROSEA AMERICAN DREAM ! Oh dear, I really can’t afford any of this but I can’t help myself! There are so many areas in the garden with bare soil, I am supposed to be waiting and dividing in the winter, but there are so many lovely plants out there!! I ordered some seeds also, Sweet Rocket, for next year. I must learn to resist myself, but I wanted some plants for the front of the border, they should do the trick.

Weather is dull and cloudy today, after the majestic sight of the rain, pouring down into my lovely new water butt! I had a look this morning and it is already half full – I will have to check it regularly in the winter. It is only a small, slim one, but I couldn’t believe how much went in so quickly – it was like a monsoon! It feels cold today as well, not a good day for gardening, good day (unfortunately!) to be on the computer ordering plants I don’t need!

However, my husband seems to be getting the gardening bug as well, he told me there was a report on the morning news about good self-seeders for bees! I probably have them already, but it is nice that he is interested. He loves photography, so he will be out there in the summer taking pictures of my lovely plants.

Anyway, it’s Carol Klein’s fault. It was her ‘Year in a Cottage Garden’ earlier this year that inspired me to get out there and digging. I got her book from the library last week and there is a beautiful picture of a potentilla and a geranium together, it is so lovely I couldn’t help replicating the look! There is also a picture of Eryngium (Miss Wilmott’s ghost) with a geranium pratense, though I haven’t bought the seeds yet for the eryngium, my last attempt was a failure with eryngium bourgatii. So I will send my invoice to Carol Klein! Well, the sun is out for a bit, must wander to the shed and say hello to my little babies….

My daughter asked if I loved my plants more than her; I of course reassured her that I would burn my garden to save her, she is everything to me, but I can’t help loving my garden, can I?

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Why should you resist? I don't understand that concept. There are so many plants just not enough room. If your husband gets the bug there will be no stopping you. My husband says it's a cheap hobby everytime I confess to buying a new plant. ( I don't always confess).
My tip is make some gardening friends ( with good gardens) and swap.

27 May, 2011


Yes there are some things you have to love before your garden aren't there lol. But you have to love the garden aswell :)
I enjoy spending money on it (but the trouble is I haven't got any lol) and ordering plants is so exciting and adictive.
Nice your husband is becoming interested aswell. It's nice to have company :)

28 May, 2011

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