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Gladiolas and spring buds


I’ve planted my glads along the chainlink border fence. Had a light frosting the day after i planted them eeks… I am sure they will be ok. Here, they are considered annuals cause they don’t usually live through the winter, the corms were not very expensive so I don’t mind if they don’t come back. I plan on planting more in about 2 weeks to vary the bloom times.
Last fall my husband sneekily went out and planted all of my tulip and daffodil bulbs. He kept it secret where he planted them all. It was like a game. I am pleasantly suprised with where they are coming up and really look forward to seeing them bloom. Plus, there are some other bulbs which he confesses he did not plant. We just bought this house in the fall.. and the seller did not give us any type of clue as to what plants were planted around the yard.
We just set up our homemade bird house and bath and filled up the bird feeders (which the squirrels have already attacked). All the fruit plants I ordered from gurneys will definitely attract the birds.
My rose bushes started budding, so I pruned them back a bit already to help spark new life.

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You have been busy, and pleased to hear that everything is doing so well in your new garden.
Best wishes and happy gardening.
Grenville. Bristol.U.K

30 Mar, 2008


Its always a delight to have little flowering surprises in the garden. I followed some helpful advice to wait and see what may spring up when we first moved in,I was rewarded with lily of the valley and a great deal of daffs!

31 Mar, 2008

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