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Yard photos - Whimsy edition :)


My, oh my. I need to stop waiting a month in between blogs…. I have so many pictures!

I took photos of all the ornaments throughout the garden, which is why I labeled it the whimsy edition. Hope you enjoy :)

This is definitely not cute or whimsical, but I wanted to share it with you. I started a worm composting bin. If anybody is interested in this, I obtained most of my information from this site

Okay, enough of the icky worms… now onto some cute pictures :)

Below is a photo of a baby bunny. The mother burrowed in one of our flower beds. The bunnies have moved on (this picture was taken a few weeks ago)… but they sure are cute … as long as they aren’t eating my veggies!

Here are some of our hanging baskets. There are more, but I don’t want to be redundant.

If you read my last blog, you know that I was patiently (well maybe not so patiently) awaiting my clematis to bloom. They sure didn’t disappoint!

I was also impatiently waiting for my irises. (These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago)

Now for some whimsy!!!!





Another gnome…

(the wine bottles randomly hanging out of the air are just that… they are on chains and have a small tray inside for a candle… my DH and I made these a few years ago.. Shirley – if you read this blog, that’ll answer your question from my last one hehe)

A pretty little squirrel sitting with a shroom…

This shroom my DH made from two melted vinyl records… it’s a bit dirty now, but is very cute when cleaned up :)

I think you may have met my happy elephant on my last blog… I think he’s found a home and is even happier now!

Here is a plane on top of a trellis… I’m hoping it’ll encourage that clematis to grow up and up.. the sky is the limit!!!

Another shroom and gnome…

Here’s a little grasshopper :)

Here is a dragon fly that we purchased today at a garden fair..

This little guy is pretty content hanging out with the clematis,

Although his neighbor across the path constantly glares at him..

Here is a praying mantis (purchased today)

Here is another mushroom tucked away in between a daylily and speedwell..

Here are some frogs that are falling apart… they should have come in over winter… but we forgot!

This is a wind chime we made from silverware.

This statue came with the house… the seller left it in the backyard… it’s been moved around a few times.

Here is a leery kitty…

Oh no… there are ants in the potted lemon tree!!!

And yet another mushroom :)

How about some veggie garden photos??

In this pic, there are cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, peppers, eggplant, and corn…

This one has zucchini, broccoli, lettuce… and lots of weeds eeks!

The grapevine is growing bigger!!

Here are some garden harvests… radishes, asparagus, broccoli and snow peas….

Well that’s all for now… well… not really, there is other stuff going on, but I don’t want it to take you an hour to load the blog… haha… thanks for joining me in my garden tour! Hope you enjoyed it :)

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Love this blog ... those Clematis are fabulous worth waiting for! So you call Toadstools 'shrooms' ... I like that name for them and thanks for the explanation of the 'hanging bottles' ... genius idea. Love all the whimsical things ... maybe not the Gnomes so much ... lol! The vine and the veg. look great. Well done to you both. : o ))

4 Jun, 2011


I agree with Shirley, those clematis are fantastic! Well worth the wait! I see the hostas are doing well too, as is the veg garden, and there aren't too many weeds, so less of the eeks! I do love your metal mushroom beside the daylilies, very chic! the whole garden is looking great, well done!

4 Jun, 2011


Loveeeeeee your Clematis!!! You have a lovely collection of them. Lucky you and your garden ornament are delightful well done on a lovely garden.

5 Jun, 2011


Those dark iris are lovely. No wonder you couldn't wait. And the vegetables look wonderful too. It is so great when they start producing. I like all the garden art especially the praying mantis and the wind chime. Thanks for the pictures.

5 Jun, 2011


Thanks for all the lovely comments. I think clematis is one of my fav plants. I wasn't in love with them the first year we moved in. But last year and this year, they are beautiful. I guess they get better with age :) They are mostly done now, but in a couple months, I'll have my sweet autumn clematis in bloom.

I didn't know what color the irises were. We have planted many different colors but they came up blind the last couple years and didn't flower. When the petals first started poking out, I thought they'd be black. I didn't see any hint of purple. But they did turn out a beautiful shade of purple.

Thank you again for the comments!!! :D

6 Jun, 2011


I love all your garden ordiments, especially the ones make out of spoons and forks. I want to have a play myself and make a windchime!
Isnt it nice when you can start picking your own veg. Picked some spinage tonight then forgot to use it, lol. though the kids where pleased............

11 Jun, 2011

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