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Oh! Dear, I went away 14th May to the 21st June, my daughter Joanna came to water some of my many plants & feed the fish & when I got back the grass was really long, Joanna had strimmed down some of the grass as it was up to her knees LOL, it was still long when I arrived home, Fishpond water was low because of the hot weather but fish were ok, luckily before going away I put a length of Old Bamboo over the pond that I had had to cover the fence, glad I hadn’t thrown it away :o) as it shaded the Fish & Pond.
I have been very busy in the garden since I’ve been back as in parts of the garden the Stinging Nettles & other weeds were taller than me LOL, I found my Pond rubber gloves really handy as they came up under my arms so getting the nettles down without getting stung was a breeze but once in the garden tub ready to be put in the garden rubbish bin they got me in the leg when I brushed up against them, I could almost hear them say…. Got Yer LOL
So far I have Zapped 3 area’s, one of which was a bit of a dumping ground that I wanted to get tidy, so glad I’ve managed to get that bit done but not finished yet, I have also made a start on the front garden that is a fair size, we have our caravan on there & room for 3 cars on the drive, outside the front of the garden is the garden area part fenced off with a gate & path leading to the front door and a gate round to the back garden.
We going to be moving hopefully this year so I need to keep the garden tidy as possible, not looking forward to the move & I want to take some plants with me, mainly in pots but some I want to dig up like an Azalea, luckily my Acers are in pots, no way I’m leaving those LOL.
With a bit of help from my gardener I would like to take a climbing rose with me as I bought it for my late Mum Joyce who passed away at the ripe old age of 99years in October 2021, one reason we are moving as this house is way too big for the two of us, it was made into flats but with the stairs leading as adjoining like in a normal house.
Anyone want to buy our property minus a few plants LOL

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Wonderful gloves! Well it looks as though you won't be short of a job or two for a while! I hope those azaleas are still quite small - moving a big one in all this dry weather will be a challenge. Best of luck!

4 Jul, 2023


Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for quite a time. That’s quite a big garden to keep on top of. Are you aiming to find somewhere with a smaller garden, as well as house?
Thanks for sharing the task with us. Mostly we tend to only show our gardens when they are looking neat & tidy!

5 Jul, 2023


Yes! Feverfew. Will be looking for a Bungalow with a small garden so I can manage it, I’m 74yrs young & not getting any younger LOL so who knows how long I will manage a garden as have some growing pains as I call them LOL x

5 Jul, 2023


Hang on in there Lady Essex! None of us is getting any younger - sad isn't it? i shall be 83 in August and feeling it for the first time ever. Having a head scan to test for Parkinsons this week so everybody please keep your fingers crossed!

6 Jul, 2023


Oh! Steragram. I will keep my fingers crossed for you & everything crossed if it helps, will be thinking about you this week. Take Care xx Jackie xx

7 Jul, 2023


I'm admiring your gloves too, Jackie!!! Fantastic!
You are brave showing every inch of your plot, most of us just show the pretty areas, as Josee mentioned.
I'm much younger and I struggle sometimes! I'm in awe of you all on here, you all inspire me.

Sue, I do hope things will be okay for you. I'm keeping everything crossed.

7 Jul, 2023


I can imagine those gloves were very useful when tackling the stinging nettles!

As Kate says, "You are brave showing every inch of your plot, most of us just show the pretty areas, as Josee mentioned."

Hope you manage to find that bungalow you are looking for!

Stera, I hope you head scan for Parkinson's comes back negative!

7 Jul, 2023

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