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Well, I’m gradually getting all the weeds pulled up & cleared after my Holiday away, pots on patio weeded too, patio swept & hosed down, I had a lot of mess from the seed from the Hawthorn Tree :( a raised bed at the bottom of the garden where I had my strawberry plants had been taken over by weeds, some of them were pretty, tall hawkweeds & other weeds :( Well, I left the flowers were past there best as the Bees liked them & now I have dug them all up & bed is clear, not that its like a raised bed anymore as the sleepers have now rotted & had to take a lot of the soil to another part of the garden, thats a long story but in short, a neighbour put a new fence up the other side of his tree & lowered his garden, the tree is in our garden now? It left us with a long deep trench on our side Grrrr!
Anyway back to weeding, here are my pictures LOL

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It’s nice seeing your progress. Very hard work when things get away from you. Keep us updated, it’s interesting.

20 Jul, 2023


Jackie, you're doing really well, I appreciate it's pretty laborious work. You've undertaken quite a lot already! You can see your ongoing achievements.
We have a raised sleeper bed, which is years old. The top layer is rotten in places. It's OH's next job. He's hoping it's just the top layer that needs replacing. The bed houses a tall acer, a large canopied juniper, ferns and a pine. Oh and a chimney pot with succulents. I'm hoping it's not a big job.
Keep up the good work, it'll be worth it in the end! x

22 Jul, 2023


Looking much better now, Jackie! 👏 It takes a lot of hard work to know things back into shape once they become neglected!

23 Jul, 2023


Always a temptation as to whether to tackle all of it a bit or a bit of it properly. You've got a good foundation for a really good ionteresting garden there and a great layout.- just take it a bit at a time and don't panic! And you've got a greenhouse - I envy that.I daren't have one here because of the combination of some big trees and high winds. We had a big branch fall on our conservatory last year and a new roof proved quite expensive!

24 Jul, 2023

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