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*** Goodbye lovely tree**


A few years ago we grubbed out of the ground in France half a dozen 2 inch seedlings, potted them up in yogurt cartons and compost and bought them back to England, well one took off and we planted it at the back of the garden, where it took off, a really beautiful Acacia, blue foliage and yellow flowers!!
Unfortunately it grew too well, and was starting to take all the light from the garden, we contacted two tree surgeons who both said the more you prune it the faster it will grow!! our neighbour has a similar Acacia and had pruned hers and was paying the price!!
This beautiful tree was hiding the neighbours house , and making a good job of it too!! oh dear! we were now going to be exposed yet again!! still what could we do?
The tree surgeon was amazing ….ours is a very densely planted garden, and we were worried sick he would do some damage, not a bit of it, after two hours you would never have known anyone had been in the garden, EXCEPT the view!!
We are now looking for a 15..20ft tree to mask the house!!

Garden before the tree felling…….

We also had to remove 3 large limbs from our Silver Birch, so even more exposure!!
We are finding it difficult to buy a large tree locally, also one suitable to coastal conditions, we could buy another bamboo we already have one doing an admirable job at the top of the garden……
So there you have it, such a shame, but it had to be done, it has let a lot more light into the garden, so you can’t have everything can you?

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I know that feeling Angie.... Being exposed after trees/shrubs have been feel quite vulnerable . We also had the Pine tree removed today because of the bark beetle attack....Took a while to make up our minds. It has given us more light into the front garden... fortunately there is no house in that aspect.
Have been thinking of a replacement tree.... Would you prefer an evergreen?

17 Oct, 2018


We have the same problem Angela not the gap thats is , I wish that was the only problem we are exposed to several houses out the back we've never had houses or neighbours before at all never mind ones 'on show' I can't wait to hide them , I'm looking for tall trees to place discreetly in front of each house in the distance , I'm not sure that Ill be able to do anything until the spring I'd like to be sure if we've managed to kill off the Horsetail first before planting ..
Good luck with finding the right trees for you ,I have my eyes on a pretty sorbus with pink berries at the moment ...

17 Oct, 2018


Did you see that Sorbus on one of the recent gardening programmes Amy? I thought it was a very pretty tree, especially with the pink berries.

17 Oct, 2018


No I didn't Meadowland I've had my eye on the Sorbus in a nursery a few miles from our new home ,It's fast becoming my favourite nursery I've had several plants from there all very good healthy plants ....

17 Oct, 2018


Removing trees in our back garden gave us views on to the Nature Reserve with its cattle, horses, and deer. We can now see glorious sunsets.
When we lost our willow at the front our neighbours said they were pleased (!) as they could now see our magnolias. At least it didn't affect us.

I love the scarlet Japanese Rowan trees. Supposedly magical.

Rather shocked at the cost of felling trees. Some of ours are now very tall! :O(

18 Oct, 2018


Oh, it does look open now. Tree surgeon looks like a monkey up a stick!
Ps, Dd, I've moved my Crinodendron before it causes problems, although it has just started reflowering. I'm hoping I've not killed it.

18 Oct, 2018


Siris he does doesn't he? it is taking some getting use to I can assure you, but we shall come up with something hopefully!! I hope you haven't killed your Crinodendron!
Eirlys you are lucky to have such wonderful views, I do miss having a view.......the Rowan tees are very attractive but not brilliant here unfortunately..
Amy I love the Sorbus, we had one given to us a few years back, had to remove it as it became diseased, of course you are not used to having houses overlooking your garden either, when we lived in Leicestershire we had country views, still those days have gone, sadly.....
Meadow we have been looking at another Birch a tall thin variety, evergreen trees take too long, unless they are Acacia lol we have several NZ evergreen trees but they are slow growing, and we have not got the time!!

18 Oct, 2018


This is a dilemma isn’t it? I hope you find something suitable soon. I once bought a big Acer rufinerve and dropped it in to the middle of my first garden. A lovely tree with snake-bark that had a nice upright habit. Something like that would be ideal. Luckily, Birches are deservedly popular and readily available as good sized specimens.

18 Oct, 2018


I hope you can replace the tree with something suitable. It's good that the tree surgeon didn't break anything for you. He must understand gardeners.

19 Oct, 2018


A good job done! I like my privacy too. I was discussing this issue with a friend one day and he said - how often are people actually in bedroom windows anyway? His words have stayed with me and I certainly only look out of my bedroom window when I get up and go to bed.
Oh trees, my favourite subject! I have an ornamental Sorbus and I’m not that keen, I don’t think you can go wrong with acer trees or white stemmed betula.
Oh and Cornus. I have a new Cornus ordered for the autumn, a put 50% deposit down months ago with Bluebell Arboretum, its Cornus Venus

20 Oct, 2018


Dawn Its not the fact people are staring into our garden, I just don't like looking at their house and windows, I would rather look at a pretty tree! an Acer wold be too slow growing unfortunately because I love them, it will probably be another Birch, we saw one we liked at our local nursery but it was not tall enough, then they showed it on GW from the nursery who grows them Frank P Matthews (Trees for Life) Betula Fastigiate Joes......
Your Cornus Venus looks amazing, a good choice!!
Karen like I said to Dawn...Acers are too slow, and we actually lost half of ours last winter!! I am thinking of growing it in a raised bed, no bottom so the roots will find their way into the soil eventually.....we shall see!

21 Oct, 2018


Hywel he was the best we have used and we have had a few over the years!!

21 Oct, 2018


I see Dotty. I like Betula, I’ve googled the one you’re interested in, I’ve never seen one like that, does it keep its shape without having to be clipped.

21 Oct, 2018


Dawn, I don't know, would not be interested in pruning it, that's for sure....

23 Oct, 2018


I just wondered haha

24 Oct, 2018

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