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The color Yellow


I watched my yellow finches at the feeder I kept full, on a rainy morning last spring while I sat in an adirondack style chair that David built, it is his own style and is not so low to the ground, he built it so a large man with long legs could get in it and get out with ease, it is very comfortable. I had it on the covered deck, right outside the door to to my bedroom.
The rain was coming down hard. I liked the feel of it,
cool, fresh, damp air, every so often a splash richoched on to my toe.
I watched the rain pouring out of a down spout and into a cedar tub that
held the promise of blooming water lillies. That downspout made me think of
my now 33 year old son Josh, standing in front of me at around 6 years of age. He was in his dad’s huge yellow rain slicker. He came up to me, his nose poking out from under the hood. I could only see his lips moving in the crooked way they did. He had a lisp at that age and he worked his lips and tongue around in circles to get his words out. He asked if he could go out and play in the rain. I said he could, then later I walked out into the rain to find him. I found him standing under a high down spout letting the rain hit him on his
covered with yellow rain slicker head. He had a water fall coming down off
the bill and over his face but just missing his skin. He had a very wide
grin slopped across his happy wet face and he was loving every second of his
adventure. I had to laugh at his joy.
The finches in their yellow rain coats, as I have come to call their
feathers, seemed oblivious to the rain on this day. Not much singing, but very serious eating and yellow feathers flitting, jousting for position on the feeder stands in a spring rain, I loved every second of it, and a chance to remember yellow too….

I could only find this yellow daisy and some very rained upon seagulls for pictures to add…hope a little yellow and spring rain, takes the winter blahs aways for a bit…

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~Roll on spring Caroline!

2 Jan, 2009


It's pretty nice when what is spring!

2 Jan, 2009


I agree roll on spring.

2 Jan, 2009


No arguements here ladies bring it on,lol

3 Jan, 2009


I agree wholeheartedly. :o)

3 Jan, 2009


I fell a bit warmer already :)

4 Jan, 2009


Just found this blog. Good one. :o)

7 Jan, 2009


Beautiful thoughts. Thank you.

13 Jan, 2009


Nice writing Caroline :)

29 Apr, 2009

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