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"Shorty's Nursery"...A Washington State Garden Center


I traveled to Southern Washington State by train, to visit my sister, Ronna and for my Auntie’s 80th Birthday celebration. The day before the party, my sister and I went out for the day. This is one of the places we got to enjoy together. Shorty’s was and still has a shop out closer to where I lived in the country in the 60’s thru the early 80’s.. but they have expanded and added this lovely center with so many things that I loved. I had to take photo’s to share with you. I felt like a Journalist! I took names and pictures, so many of the pictures I took thinking of GOY members and remarked more than once to my Sis that “oh this is a good shot for this one or that one”

So here we are right off Mill Plain Blvd. in Vancouver, Washington USA at Shorty’s new Nursery.

1. These lovely spring baskets greeted us as we came into the main entrance to the nursery.

My Sis spotted this pot right off, she is a potter and crafter and likes getting new ideas.


Froggy and Primroses say Spring..Yay!


Wellies for TT…these were called Romatic… :o)


Could not resist a picture of this pretty red watering can…for TT…of course… :o)


I thought this sign Fancy Conifers was funny…but they did have a nice lot of conifers here. Thought of Blue spruce through the very large conifer section..


They also had this quite large garden Sister is standing next to them to give an idea of their size. She is about 5"6’ tall.


Oh and our Official Greeter Cat Lilly
She seemed to be waiting for more plants to arrive as these tables were nearly empty.


I found the landscaping work to be fun and thought of how Gardeningfriend loves waterfalls in his garden.


I loved this little Flower Person in the lovely gift shop that is at the nursery.It is in a separate building close to the English Tea and sandwich shop at the nursery. We had to wait as it was not open for another half an hour, it worked out perfect for shopping for a gift for our Auntie.


Inside the gift shop..I was taken with the idea of the window frame as a partition.


The creator of the gift shop, Innis, on the right, she had an accent that made me think of Denmark perhaps…very lovely person and very talented artist. Ted, on the left,came in to check out the purchases we had made for our Aunt’s birthday gift.


Here is our tea pot with it’s cozy on and our tea..very was P G it…so good.


Inside the tea shop nice and comfy cozy.

More from inside the tea shop…


This is Gail, she is owner of the tea and sandwich shop. She is from Caephilly in South Wales….what a nice surprise for her and I both…we were able to have a nice visit. She was happy to have me there and to talk to her about Wales.


My Sis thought this was a good shot was a bit embarrased..but let her have her way.


Here is my sister, Ronna showing the sign board that told us we had to wait for the sandwich shop to open.


This little boy was swinging these watering cans over his head and his mother was trying to get him to come with her to check out…lol..I asked him to please walk across the bridge toward her with them for me so I could get a picture…he straightened them right up and did it and went with his mother on the other side…


We liked this orange bike planter..


I liked this gnome with the bunny… :o)


We found the daughter of Lilly..her name is sister is like me about


Another item Ronna thought she could make in her kiln.


I have captured Lilly and am cuddling her…


I thought the bravery of Innis to put this chandelier in her shop was wonderful, I cannot help but think now that every greenhouse or conservatory should have one!


Loved these Roosters made of recycled metal signs.


Thought of Spritz and had to have this shot. Pretty helleborous, saying spring right out loud..


Here I am relaxing by the waterfall outside the tea and sandwich shop while we wait to go in.


Here I am actually chasing poor Lilly down…


Ronna liked this Golden Spreader Caucasian Fir


I was taken with the Juniper berries on this Juniperous Rigida Pendula


Cammy , Lilly’s daughter, had it in her mind to make sure we knew her prefererences….lol..

I hope you enjoyed our Garden Center visit..we sure did!

I have another blog I am going to do for all of you about Fort Vancouver. It is the Fort that the British made on the waters edge of the Columbia River in Vancouver Washington USA. I loved going through it again after many years…and with a new perspective..I hope to have it ready in a few days time.

This is what we chose for our Aunts 80th birthday gift..two little happy birds and a easy care plant in a small seashell planted there by Innis herself. :o)

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Smashing blog Cat. Glad you and your sister had a good day.

11 Mar, 2010


Interesting blog Cat, I enjoyed it very much :0)

11 Mar, 2010


Hi Cat ~ what a lovely garden centre I enjoyed the visit. I love the chandelier I have a friend who goes camping a lot and she has a chandelier that hangs in the tent with tea light candles in it !

11 Mar, 2010


Nice to look around with you ,seems the layout is similar to good UK ones

11 Mar, 2010


Really enjoyed your blog Cat.....I do enjoy a wander around a garden centre even if one isn`t buying its my retail therapy,lol......Pleased you and sis had a good time......

11 Mar, 2010


lovely garden centre..... love the wellies and the frog......

11 Mar, 2010


Thanks Toto, it was a very nice day out with my sister.
I am glad you enjoyed came to mind more than once.
I like your friend..Sueb!
Bjs..yes I believe it is patterned after your lovely garden centers...I have not seen anything like it here before. I loved feeling a bit as if I had come back to Wales, when we pulled in to it, we had no idea what we were going to find, it was a gift to my week-end for sure. I was so happy !

Yes Lincslass, we made only very small purchases that we felt out aunt could enjoy (I have included the picture above just now so you can see what we chose)and no plants for us or anything other than tea and scones..but we had a very lovely time there.

Hollyeves..I found both the frog and the wellies quite cheering as well... :o)
I do want to add that Innis did take down the GOY info for this site etc. and will be looking into advertising for the USA version on it....she thought it sounded wonderful.

11 Mar, 2010


Well done Cat....
I've put this on GoYpedia Wellies...
... and Watering Cans ....
... and Wall Mangers ...
... and the new category ... Gnomes ! :o) xxx

11 Mar, 2010


Brill blog Cat pleased you both had a good time.

11 Mar, 2010


I really enjoyed the trip to the garden centre with you and Lilly,the resident cat. :o)

11 Mar, 2010


Thanks for the look round great place.

11 Mar, 2010


Smashing blog Cat, enjoyed the day with you very much. :-)

11 Mar, 2010


Great blog, CatFinch! Enjoyed it very much!

11 Mar, 2010


Oh wow, Cat - a photo just for me - thank you! :-))

Nice trip for you both. I'd like to go there and have tea with you.

11 Mar, 2010


Looks like 'A Grand Day Out' as Wallace would say.

11 Mar, 2010

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