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As promised I need to introduce my skin family..odd isn’t it that I introduced my fur family first…? Oh Well….I am a widow but my husband who you will see me mention often went by the name of “Big Dave”…a beautiful gentle giant (with Superman strength)of a man who was well loved by the whole town here. He and I had both been divorced, been through bad marriages when we found each other…he & I were the best of friends and loved each other deeply…and we still do…
I raised 4 children before I met him…3 daughters and 1 son. I have 8 grandchildren…ages from 18 to 2 years old, 5 grand daughters and 3 grandsons…..4 of my grand daughters live close and I get to see them often. the others are hit and miss but I stay in contact and see them at least once or twice a year.
I have a boarder who is a Gay young man, Dallas, living in my home. He also works for me at my shop so he in effect works for his room and board but pays me out of his paycheck I give him. I insist on doing it that way for my books. He lost his partner of 11 years 8 months ago so we have been a good match for each other in that we understand each other.
I have a close friend, tried to have a relation ship with him but it was too early after I lost my husband..he had been with my husband and I through my husbands illness, he was sick for almost 3 years, so naturally I clung to Steven after. He has another women in his life now…he is the friend whose has the property where I keep my horse. So you may see me mention him once in a while.
I have no other close male relationships at this time and not sure if that is what I would want again. May change my mind someday but for now, I am ok.
So there you have it…my skin family… ~Cj

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Very honest of you to explain all this.
If you mention any names, such as Big Dave, or Dallas, we'll know who you mean.

You've been very brave in getting on with your life.
Glad you've joined GoY.
Looking forward to your photos, comments and blogs.:o)

23 Sep, 2008


Thank you ...I am very glad to have found this group to share my favorite things in life with...I will be sending more photo's soon...have to spend the day in the Seattle area today doing buying for my shop...mostly pastries and supplies..for my espresso section of the store...I need to get is a bit of a journey..I have to drive for and hour and take a ferry to get there...~Cj

23 Sep, 2008


welcome catfinch, i hope things get better for you in the future. take care

23 Sep, 2008


Hello Cat. I sometimes wish I had a gay man friend living at home with me - much more tidy and so much more gossip than with a husband, I think ?

Your shopping trip sounds exciting - buying pastries - HEAVEN!

23 Sep, 2008


I agree with TT very brave and honest of you to wear your heart on your sleave. Everyone should try it if they can its liberating.

Your skin family seems to work just fine for you.

23 Sep, 2008


Sorry to hear about your husband. It is nice that you have a good friend in your boarder/employee; moral support is so helpful on the difficult days.
Sounds like a great family, both skin & fur! I have skin, fur, feathers & fins to keep me sane. Well, I guess not quite sane, but at least motivated, lol!

24 Sep, 2008


Hi Cj sorry to hear you lost your husband whos sounds like a wonderful man.
what type of shop do you have? sounds like you are the type of person who likes to keep busy.

24 Sep, 2008


I have gifts, flags, garden and house flags..banners...big and windwheels and just cute garden things...Ice cream/ espresso,Iced and blended drinks fruit and coffee..I carry very warm, cozy blankets, big mugs and cute trinkets and pretties because my store is called Mud Cat & Weathered Friends. You may find it on the internet if you put in that name....I do not have a web site but it is shown on the map of our town..Port Townsend, Washington...I have lots of whimisical things...because I make it point to not put anything serious in my is serious enough. ~Cj

24 Sep, 2008


What are garden windwheels?
Please upload a photo of one of these.

24 Sep, 2008


Thats some skin you have Catfinch and obviously comfortable in it good on you. Think we Brits could learn a thing or two from you but may take a while.

If you wont allow anything serious in your shop perhaps Terratoonie and I can apply for jobs?

24 Sep, 2008


Mud Cat and Weathered Friends is in Port Townsend, very near to WATER STREET. Could this be near Cow Watering Lane in my photo number four?

Catfinch sells flags ~ Garden and house flags.
BB ~ maybe we could get a job there selling GoY flags.

24 Sep, 2008


Do you have some GOY flags?...would love to sell them for ya... . :)

26 Sep, 2008

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