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My Fur Family


I have 3 dogs who permanetly live with me…2 are mine ,Phoebe(Sheba & Basenji mix) ,Sofie (cocker and beagle mix) and 1 is my boarder, Dallas’s dog, Jasper ( blue heeler and dalmation mix) The pup I fur-sit is Munchie and he is my 5 month old grand fur (Shitzu & Pomerainan mix) not a pure breed in the bunch of em…

My horse Flash is a registered American Saddlebred.

My cats are 2 tabbies…Mary Jane who is 2 years old and Yoda who is 19 years old, she was/still is, my late husbands cat . Then we have Larry who is an 8 year old Maine Coon & Freight Train I swear…he is so big and long…

Now these are not furs but I have 3 Cichlids Big Berta (African cichlid) Ethel (African cichlid) and Mango (Maui cichlid) in a fish tank in my kitchen Jungle…my jungle is one very big Monstera philodendron that my husband “Big Dave” had long before we ever married and it is still producing new leaves all the time…it has taken over one whole 4 ft square area in my kitchen so I consider it an animal too…have not named it, what on earth would I name the thing…love it …but it is overwhelming at times…we have always called it The Jungle, keep tieing it back, will send a picture to the group for an inside plant over the winter.

Tomorrow the Skin family… :)

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Interesting pets, Catfinch.
I'm glad you explained that the fish aren't furry ones :o)
I hope some photos will follow.

22 Sep, 2008


Hi Catfinch... How about naming your philodendron " Big Phil " :)

22 Sep, 2008


Hi Mike....Big Dave...mmmm...Big Phil...naw ...It has and awlays be "Big Dave's Jungle." I do talk to it every so often....I may call it Phil now and again...what the heck.....

22 Sep, 2008


Thanks for telling us about your friends. A garden wouldn't be a garden without them.

23 Sep, 2008


Funny how most gardeners HAVE to have cats - and other creatures- to share their garden. Maybe its something to do with being "earthy" people ? I also have a number of furries - two cats (Fidget - a big, blondey ginger and Minx - a wee tabby who is very skittish) and my gorgeous Labradoodle, Muppet! She is very appreciative of the garden and NEVER digs things up and is always very careful not to crush plants.

23 Sep, 2008


Clairefifi ~
Your pets sound wonderful.
I hope you'll upload photos, and I'm hoping to see more 'furry friend' pictures from Catfinch as well.
My dogs enjoy my garden.
Hywel is right. Gardens wouldn't be the same without them.
My budgie has a view of the back garden from his cage, so he acts in a supervisory capacity :o)

23 Sep, 2008


Hi Catfish sorry did this the wrong way round but hay hoe never mind. Fur family sounds good company we have Dog Scooby GS and big big scaredy cat and Puss red seal point whos really to brave for own good.

I have to agree that most of us garden dwellers have furrys its nice and its always good to have a foreman on the job lol need i say Puss is ours

23 Sep, 2008

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