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By AndrewR


Some of you may recall I open my garden under the National Garden Scheme (known affectionately as the Yellow Book). With a group due to visit on Thursday, I have been working hard to get it ready and by Friday evening had got all the major work and planting done in readiness.

The weather forecast was for a cold few days but yesterday, I noticed a subtle change on the maps posted on Ceefax and we were due some snow. This is the sight that greeted me this morning.

Will the garden recover for Thursday? To be continued…

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omg andrew, you certainly got heavy snow. nothing that bad here yetttttttttttt.

6 Apr, 2008


So long as the roads are clear for visitors to reach you I shouldn't worry unduly about the open day Andrew. Most yellow book visitors are a hardy lot and will quite understand the scene that greets them.

I discovered my garden in June 1999 complete with WW2 mess huts and 40ft conifers INSIDE the greenhouses everywhere else there were 8ft high brambles. The family and I 'worked like trojans' and opened for the yellow book in July 2000! We were swamped that day with such positive comments they kept us going.

I think your garden looks immaculate in all four photos and so will others!

6 Apr, 2008


Listening to Radio Cambridgeshire this morning, I think that us here around Wisbech must be the only place not to get the stuff. In fact, the sun is ahining!

Great looking garden though, Andrew, but then, to get into the Yellow Book, it has to be something special.

All the best for Thursday.


6 Apr, 2008


Good luck Thursday.

6 Apr, 2008


Yes... Good luck to you Andrew.

6 Apr, 2008


Good Luck for you open day Andrew Hope all the snows gone by then

6 Apr, 2008


Your garden looks lovely. Hopefully the snow will melt quickly for you. Good luck on your opening!

7 Apr, 2008


We had no snow at all when we left Somerset yesterday a.m., but there had been a lot from your area into London, however, it had all melted by the time we got to Richmond - only sad little melting snowmen all over the parks and greens, so I know yours went. You will be FINE on Thursday. Your garden is ready and think positive! Good luck from my daughter's AppleMac (still don't like it!)

7 Apr, 2008


I'm pleased to report there was no damage from the snow. The only thing I had to do yesterday afternoon (when most of it had melted) was tie in a few clematis stems that were flapping around in the breeze. Just as well I checked the weather forecast and left the roof off the fruit cage. Phew

7 Apr, 2008


How did the open day go? Hope it was a great success Andrew.

9 Apr, 2008

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