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"What is this daff?"


By AndrewR


Someone on this site, and you know who you are , posts pictures of daffodils and asks us to identify them. So, for revenge, I’ve been snapping some of the daffs in my garden over the last couple of months. My first one was in flower last December and the late ones are in flower now (and even they are about a month early)

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Nice! I do know several names out of that lot, Andrew, but not all by any means. I have several more that are just beginning to flower. I hope I can remember their names - or I shall 'do a majeeka' and ask for ID! Was the revenge sweet? :-)

5 Apr, 2008


It was meant more as a joke as her enquiries were about varieties of narcissus and tulips of which there are 1000s. Now I just hope she hasn't lost the label on a rose (nothing personal majeeka but please try and ask easier questions - lol)

5 Apr, 2008

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