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Better than Christmas


By AndrewR


Remember all those catalogues that arrived in early January? All those tempting pictures and mouth-watering descriptions? All those order forms posted off in anticipation?
Well now they’ve come! I think I overdosed on new plants this year but here are the deliveries that have arrived (and been planted) so far – there’s still one to come.

Isn’t it wonderful being a plantaholic?

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Great fun! I wish you'd told us what they all are, though, Andrew. I 've only had three double Hellebores, three pink Veronicas and a packet of Acidantheras so far. Lots and lots still to come. Can't wait!

2 Apr, 2008


I'm expecting my shipment today as well. I'm as excited as a kid on christmas eve! You sure you have room for all those?

2 Apr, 2008


Oh yes Lainedru. I know precisely where they are to be planted at the ordering stage.

Spritz - if I get time, I might list them all but I'm still working flat out to be ready for the group visiting next week. Managed to get all the borders fed today depsite a damp afternoon here.

2 Apr, 2008


I'm so jealous!!! I'm still just drooling over the pictures in the catalogues and reading any garden mag I can. Ahhhh next year!!

2 Apr, 2008


Argg it's not fair, I also had all of the catalogues but I was under strict instructions not to order anything because we are moving house, I've had to make do with what I've got and scattered some annuals where I have gaps. I did get a couple of sneaky orders in though which have gone unnoticed!!

3 Apr, 2008


I recieved my goodies Monday 2 Andrewr couldnt wait2open the box felt like id been waiting 4 ever lol :)

3 Apr, 2008


Blimey! I haven't even ordered mine yet, though I do keep threatening myself to get online and order.

3 Apr, 2008


Well I had to get early get deliveries as a group coming to see my garden is booked in for 7 days' time. Got the spring bedding planted this afternoon now I can see where it needs some colour

3 Apr, 2008


A box arrived this morning - Hooray! At last!

4 Apr, 2008


My order should arrive anytime now , you will all hear me scream with delight , poor postie always looks so scared and beats a hasty retreat down the path . lol

4 Apr, 2008

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