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Singing the blues


Blue’s my favourite colour. Sorry the photos are not up to the standard of many on here – I couldn’t bend down properly, I had to keep waiting for the sun to go behind a cloud and it was windy. So use your imagination a little and add the quality in your head!

Ceanothus – an old bush, don’t know the variety

Good old nepeta – its excelled itself this year. Ashes of our beloved cats are on each side.

This has solved the problem of what to grow between fuchsias as it disappears before they grow full size and they shade the root.

Pity about the sunshine but we mustn’t grumble!n Ths is a new baby.

Had a better pic of this last year.

No idea of variety

Omphaloides, Blue eyed Mary in a shady corner – looks good next to Pieris Forest Flame.

This and the next one are of the area that had daffodils earlier in the year (see my photos)- bluebells and self sown aquilegias, not very easy to see.

Anyone tell me what this is please? Another lost label.

Bless it, I didn’t want it to feel left out…

So there we are, nothing very special but they do cheer me up- thank you for staying with me (if you did!)

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I certainly did (stay with you) and enjoyed your singing the blues a favourite colour of mine.

12 May, 2014


Blue is my favourite colour too. Your garden looks ever so lush. Your a superb collection of blue blooms.
I can't believe how far on your Nepeta is and sorry can't help with ID.
Thanks for showing us around your garden and it certainly is special!

12 May, 2014


Blue flowers are lovely. I really like the woodland areas. All the lushness and exuberance is wonderful to see. We finally had sun this evening, but it wasn't very warm! I think some warmer weather may be just around the corner...

12 May, 2014


Lovely blue blog really loved looking at your plants :-)

12 May, 2014



13 May, 2014


blue was always my favourite colour, even when I was tiny - dark blue, sapphire, midnight, and espeically it it had a reflective sheen.

I was so annoyed when I was told that "blue is for bous" and was forced to wear stupid pink - lol I might have liked it if I'd been given a choice, but probably not - if not blue, then it's 'stupid..

13 May, 2014


I too like to see blue in a garden and you do have a lovely selection Stera, can't help as regards naming your plant but hope somebody does as its gorgeous.
Having a delightful storm here this afternoon, thundering, lightning and what is known as a PISCOTORIAL shower, waiting for a rainbow as well,lol....

13 May, 2014


Green is my favourite colour, closely followed by blue so I was very happy having a wander round your garden :)

13 May, 2014


Thank you everyone, its nice to have other people enjoy my blues along with me. Lincs, I love thunderstorms - its good to hear you enjoyed yours!
Fran how awful to be made to wear pink - when I was small I didn't even know that blue was for boys and link for girls...

13 May, 2014


Blue is my fav colour too :) Nice to see all your blue flowers :)

13 May, 2014


my mum's auntie brught round three sets of kids' cutlery, one with white handles, one with blue, one with pink. I was shown these and told i could pick whichever one i wanted (not sure why i got first pick, maybe just cos i was there and my bro and sis weren't areound)

Naturally I chose the blue ones, and was then told, "oh no, you can't have that, blue is for boys" so i had to have the pink ones. if they'd *given* me the pink set, i'd probably have been okay with it, but why tell me i had a free choice if I couldnt' have the ones that I wanted? they obviously expected me to pick pink, being a girl and all.

lol that was oh, more than fifty years ago and you can see how it "affected my psyche and warped my personality"!! You wouldn't believe how much contempt I can get into the word "pink" (flowers excepted!)

and double lol, especially as QI said that it was originally pink for boys and blue for girls, till some queen had a girl when they'd painted the cot pink, in expectation of a boy.

green is my next favourite colour, dark green, emerald, bottle green, that end of the scale.

13 May, 2014


I love the colour blue, especially deep shades, but I didn't know there were so many kinds of blue flowers! Can you please tell me what is the plant in the 6th photograph? I like that one!

14 May, 2014


Its just a bog standard perennial geranium Mizzle - it is a gorgeous colour isn't it? If you remind me in the autumn I'll send you a piece.
My sister lives in Ayrshire in a village called Barrhill.

14 May, 2014


I feel for you, Fran. Sometimes these things rankle throughout one's whole life. My mother is (was!) a redhead, and was never allowed to wear pink when her mother was choosing her clothes. You can guess what her favourite colour was when she was free to choose...

15 May, 2014


lol Melchisedec, how many guesses do I need?

There seem to be a zillion shades of blue, so hard to name a shade sometimes, they blend in to one huge band from lightest sky to darkest navy. but then, all other colours have the sme reange - I read somewhere that there's ahout forty shades of black!

16 May, 2014


That would be lovely Steragram thank you! My eyes are being opened to the world of geraniums. I've always known them as the typical pink ones you get at garden centres and found them boring because everyone has those ones! But there are so many different types and colours!

I've not been to Barrhill - spend a lot of my time travelling along the M77 and often forget there's more to Ayrshire than my little corner!

16 May, 2014


Mizzle, Send me a PM in what my Mum used to call the "back end" because I am the worlds most efficient forgetter.
I found a new geranium today that's crossed in the garden. Quite a small flower as one of the parents is a small flowered pink thug, but very dainty and pretty for all that. (Geranium Sue's Surprise?)

16 May, 2014


very pretty I like blue flowers too . have you considerd growing globe artichokes ? not for there eating quality but for the stunning blue flower that opens up . its lovley . I believe theres now a pink veriaty . the bees love it so much they seam to get drunk and stay over night sometimes lol . there definatly not all there as there buzz is so slowed down and out of tune . what I think makes it nicer is the way thistle like plant of which its a relative with strong shapes and an interest shape and colour is offset bye the stunning electric blue and its easy to grow and comes back every year .

18 May, 2014


That was really lovely seeing all your blues. I have a bed of campanulas and a few years ago dug it all over thinking to grow something else for a change and to get rid of that awful couch grass - just bits that grow amongst it. I might as well not have bothered cos you'd never know it had been dug over. It all came back the following year and now left with the odd shrub planted in middle. It does make a nice blue carpet and will be in flower very soon. It also lasts for ages. I have no idea what type of is but it has spread itself to other parts of the garden.

21 May, 2014


Couch grass is awful to eradicate isn't it Linmar- stick with it! I have some campanulas just coming out - one is a white one (sent by a kind Goy friend) that has sat there not flowering for several years. This year I threatened it with the rubbish heap and frightened it - full of buds and going to be a picture!
Leigh, Artichokes are spectacular aren't they, but my beds aren't big enough - they would be out of proportion. I did love the picture of the drunk bees too tired to go home at night - I would love to hear that slowed down buzz.
I've never eaten a globe artichoke - don't think I'd have the heart to pick it before the flower came out...

23 May, 2014


Just picked this up,Stera,love blue also.....have been trying to buy "Agastache" a blue perennial.....couldn't even find it at the GW Show this year.

5 Jul, 2014


I didn't know what that was until I just looked on Google. It looks very like one of the veronicas, which you might find easier to come across. Typically I haven't a clue what the name is. I would send you a bit but the clump grows pretty slowly and it not really big enough to split yet.

6 Jul, 2014


Many thanks for doing that,Stera.I do have the blue veronica......I think I've told you the wrong should be "Anchusa"!

7 Jul, 2014


Oh yes, anchusa's very pretty. Only tried it once but it wasn't happy. Hope you find one and that it does better than mine did! I think it flowers quite early so it would be over by the GW show perhaps.

7 Jul, 2014

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