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Aren’t plants amazing? I have an Azalea about four feet tall, covered in pink blossom and such a picture. We are six miles form the sea but there is nothing to stop the wind or slow it down and it has been doing its best today -the trunks of large trees have been swaying. But none of the petals have fallen off the little beauty. You wouldn’t think that something that looks so fragile would be so strong would you? My tulips have been bending over double and yet they spring up again and no harm done. Daffodils are dancing enough to please Wordsworth. Only the primroses on the lawn (yes I know, but they spread so) sit demure and still. The celandines just haven’t bothered to open at all. I ought to get rid of them really as they spread everywhere but its one of those jobs that are very put offable, Its much too windy to take photos so please use your imagination!
I don’t know what’s happened to the birds. Normally we have a very noisy rookery and loads of noisy jackdaws but this year they simply haven’t arrived.I hope they haven’t disappeared for good like the starlings did a few years ago. Its very worrying.
Sorry I’ve gone on a bit…
Happy gardening!

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you paint a beautiful picture and sometimes imagination is better than a photo.

12 Apr, 2023


I can imagine your garden in the wind, I remember seeing it, and it must be lovely in any weather. I'm pleased the bad weather didn't spoil too much for you, it's surprising how tough many plants are.
I hope the cats are all right :)

13 Apr, 2023


I think Eileen said it well, imagination is often better than a photo!

14 Apr, 2023


A picture might be "worth a 1,000 words" but using one's imagination is more fun even as it has to work a bit, rather like a take-away meal in place of a Sunday cooked lunch! 😆

I could quite easily visualize your garden, Stera! Well done for such a good description! 👍

14 Apr, 2023


Thank you folks!
I forgot to mention all the celandines and primroses self seeded into the front lawn. Celandines are determined to take over everywhere and I can 't do much in the garden any more. Frustration!!
Kate I think you are probably right about that - just imagine it without all the many jobs that need doing...

14 Apr, 2023


.My memory is going and I can 't remember how to edit - and just realised I said all that before. What a twit.

Hywel I remember your visit with great pleasure - thank you! yes thank you the cats are fine - getting on much better since Chilli was spayed. We haven 't seen yours for a while??

Thank you all for your lovely comments. I think you are all imagining something a lot better than it is actually! I can't look after it properly any more. But the Spring flowers don't know that and they don 't seem to mind...

14 Apr, 2023

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